I play through all of Shadowkeep as soon as it launched and I have had actually multiple EWM's which i deleted because of sunsetting. Through the new reissuing the the moon weapons I assumed I would certainly grind out a new version because its a void submachine gun. The difficulty I have actually is in which method I never received the Essence that Obscurity quest. I have every one of the other gun searches from the Lectern so how do ns go around finding this one. Indigenous what I review it was simply a arbitrarily drop indigenous moon activites? Is this tho the case? ns can't image Bungie reissued this weapons and that is the only way to get the quest to farm yard the gun is a arbitrarily drop top top the moon. Yet then again the is Bungie. Is over there a sure fire way to gain Essence that Obscurity ?


Obscurity is a random drop from the moon tasks (any of the roaming nightmares, Altars, or just opening a chest). You can additionally do Eris's weekly search that has you go with each shed Sector to get a Firewall fragment to open a locked door in K1 Revelation - you acquire a arbitrarily completed significance for the quest and it could unlock one you don't have.

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I to be trying to see if I might find that information on the app, ns will have to double check once I acquire home. Many thanks for the idea.

Mine wasn't getting here either. Inspect the pursuit terminal in ~ the helm you should have the ability to pick it ago up there.

If you have multiple personalities it could be worthwhile to walk to the lectern through each character and also see if one of them has actually it available. Otherwise friend could shot going come the lost quest terminal in the tower or the helm. Once they were all accessible again few of my personalities couldn't choose up specific bounties and I had actually to simply go take them native that lost quest terminal.

I knew ns was lacking an significance quest bc the seemed choose a weird number in the lectern and also this is the one, glad it's not just me! need to do some hunting tonight.

It's pretty strange the so many people seem the smg essence and also so perform I but I understand for a truth that I had actually it ago the day and are still absent it, I think that this is a glitch cause I farmed the moon choose crazy once Shadowkeep dropped and have killed at the very least 100 nightmares in the last two weeks.

I know that trials is a pain for a many people yet next time Shayuras wrath is at three wins you have to make the your goal the weekend. At the very least friend can get the totally free SMGs the are noted by completing the bounties. Shayuras is additionally void, also 600 rpm, however with way higher zoom which means more range...lots more. If I'm no mistaken it has actually a smaller perk swimming pool so a great roll isn't too difficult to obtain.

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