It’s a whole new world v this season the Face Off! through the design template of Life and Death, contestants won’t simply be eliminated – they’ll it is in killed! just kidding. Just due to the fact that Ve Neill is heading up makeup because that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay doesn’t typical we’ve all gone totally bloodthirsty… yet.

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But we’re no kidding about the design template – McKenzie speak the sixteen contestants that although they’ve made that this far, castle still not officially on the show. Today’s challenge is a sudden death contest, and they’re every fighting because that the fourteen point out in the competition. ~ above one side of a cavernous, white hall room eight models who stand for life; on opposing side room eight who stand for death. The artists gain to select which layout they desire for their first challenge (if they have the right to run quick enough!), however once they pick a model they have to build their makeup about whatever accessory is in the mysterious crate at that station.

A pair hours into their creations, simply as they’re beginning to control their nerves, McKenzie pulls a standard Face Off move and also gives castle a twist. In the collaborative setting of film, she speak them, principles often transition depending ~ above the whim of a manager or producer. V that in mind, they all now have actually a brand-new element to incorporate into your makeups – regularly the precise opposite that what lock originally had actually in mind! (Rachael, v the sea goddess concept that obtained the fur robe, we’re looking at you.) but to soothe several of the stress, she invites Robert Englund, aka Freddy Krueger, to give the passionate artists part tips on make a really great makeup.

After what feels prefer a week, but was only 4 hours, time is up and the judges come in. Glenn and also Neville zap the exhausted room through a blast of electrical power – it’s yes, really them! Ve couldn’t make it now – Katniss necessary her – yet she’ll be there morning for the elimination. The contestants head back to the hotel (yep, some of them will never see the house!) to try to sleep prior to the next day’s huge events.

At the reveal stage, the hopefuls are super excited to check out Glenn and Neville again, and also there’s Ve, too! Hooray! But due to the fact that Katniss is soooo high maintenance, Ve will certainly be tending to she flawless skin and also dewy lips rather of judging everyone’s favourite show. Rounding out the judges’ dashboard in Ve’s occasional lack will be Lois Burwell, artist on together standouts together Lincoln, The fifth Element, battle of the Worlds, and also Braveheart (that one earned her an Oscar). Not as well shabby!

Mackenzie divides the contestants right into two groups: those who have actually earned their ar in the competition, and those who were the best and worst the this an initial challenge. That second group lines up on the chopping block to hear your fate. In height looks were Dina, a cake decorator who offered her frosting ability to pipe awesome blue veins onto a stunning environment-friendly nymph through red accents; Keaghlan, who brought Hindu influences into a fertility goddess design; Vince, who made terrific use of his thin bone props as tusks, and also Sasha, who developed a really pretty mistress that death. (We need to pause here and also say wow – three of the optimal looks were women. A Face turn off first!) Not just did Dina develop a gorgeous independent character, she likewise brought elements of the set from the very first day right into her assembly – super smart relocate that earns she the win.

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In the bottom were Scott, who simply recently take it a special impacts makeup class with his son, Gwen, who’s dreamed of gift a special impacts artist due to the fact that she was six; Gabby, a self-taught artist native Ohio, and Jason, a cook who likewise owns a tiny silicone prop company. Scott made some really big missteps, such as failing to integrate the given facets into his concept, and the judges eliminate him prior to even gaining through the complete roster of evaluations. Between the remainder that the low looks, they feeling Gabby’s work was the weakest. She went v a graphic half-blue, half-black face that could’ve been cool, but just dropped short. They match Gabby top top how clearly she sees wherein she went off track, and also Gabby feels a feeling of pride the she was good enough to gain this far. She’ll usage this endure as fuel and also move forward in the direction of her dream.