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I desire them to understand it"s meIts on my headIll allude the finger at meIts on my headGive it all to you, climate I"ll it is in closerSmilin through the mouth of the oceanAnd I"ll wave to you with the arms of the mountainIll view youI will let you shout no moreIts on my headIll pick you up from the floorIts on mine headIll permit you also the scoreIts on my headGive it all to you, then I"ll be closerSmilin v the mouth that the oceanAnd I"ll tide to you v the eight of the mountainIll see youGive the exact same to me climate I"ll it is in closer closerGive the very same to me climate I"ll be closer closerSmiling with the mouth of the oceanAnd I"ll tide to you v the arms of the mountainGive the exact same to me then I"ll be closer closerGive the same to me then I"ll it is in closer
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