As countless others, ns have become tired of the unlimited "Settler" names. Can anyone recommend a mod for pc that you know works fairly easy? ns have roughly 50-60 mods set up so far with immersion-friendly mods, so i dont think (hope) it will certainly be any conflicts. What Im looking for is preferably miscellaneous that also can adjust the settlers that I already have, not simply the brand-new arrivals.. Thanks in advance! :)


I usage Immersive Settlers, which automatically runs a script that gives them a name. It likewise includes a holotape that you can use to manually operation the script or develop special syringer ammo for targeting separation, personal, instance NPCs to rename. I supplied to use Don't speak to Me Settler, which to be an awesome, multi-function negotiation tool that had actually to it is in pulled because of some video game breaking bugs.

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The one I usage is one where you handmade names at the chemistry bench and also then provide them to your settlers. It deserve to either be an actual name or one occupation. It is nice that I can just keep the most used occupation surname on mine robot companion and then entrust guard, bartender, farmer etc.. When setup up a new settlement.

You do need to be cautious to never equip the article yourself as the rename is permanent. My current character is will forever be called Bartender because of an accidental computer mouse click. That has however meant that my fight cry is currently "Last Call!".

Thanks because that the tip! i will check it out also. Having actually a character called Bartender is kinda cool, and I think you can rename "yourself" through the console.. Create down your one-of-a-kind stats and also then compose "showspecialmenu" in the console. This will open the menu where you select your stats in the start of the game as well as letting you rename yourself. Simply saw that on nexus :) Thanks! is excellent, though ns don't believe it will change existing settlers.

This is a an excellent suggestion, because it appears to call for some the the mode I already got to occupational (Eli's Armor and Azar's Ponytails). At least the lightweight version! many thanks :)

The difficulty with settler names, is the the names are not just strings. Otherwise one can just rename lock in the fricking console. But names are actually cable objects, meaning that the names must all be predefined and existing in the game files prior to they have the right to be used. As a developer I find this to be an extremely knuckleheaded implementation, however whatever.

The upshot is, the mod you usage will identify what names you will have the ability to use. You will NOT have the ability to give friend settler an arbitrary name, you're just offered a perform of surname to choose from. That said, i seem come recall the one mode let's you define a list of name to usage beforehand. It's a bit better, however still a pain. So basically, go through the list of names and also pick the one that has names girlfriend like.

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p.s. If ns am not correct on this, let me know, yet last I checked that's just how settler naming mode worked.