I love Old Longfellow and feel like he is not appreciated as much as he should be. I see a lot of people saying that Far Harbor is there favorite dlc and then I see a lot of posts about Nuka World, even a fair amount about Porter Gage. But I have yet to see a post dedicated to this septuagenarian sharpshooter with an eye for the bottle.

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I’d love to see how y’all feel about Old Longfellow... :)


He’s open to more playstyles. Gage is basically be evil and a raider. As long as you help Far Harbor and drink Longfellow’s on board.

I think Old Longfellow doesn't get much love compared to Gage because of the lead in to Fah Habah.

With Nuka World it makes sense for Gage to be your companion because you're doing a bunch of raider stuff, and none of the main game companions makes sense to bring along for that content (except maybe Cait.) Starting Far from Home is heavily tied to Nick though, and then there's obviously content on the island that involves him, so it feels like the story is nudging you to bring him along as your companion.

There's obviously a lot of non-Nick content on the island as well, but I personally feel bad bringing him all the way to the island, then sending him back to the Commonwealth while I go exploring with some random dude we literally just met.

I tend to use Nick for the main story and Longfellow for the harbor quests and exploration. Thats also a very easy way to max his affinity.

I've developed a recent appreciation for Old Longfellow. The man has a lot of fairly profound things to say.

Recently started Far Harbor again... sorry... Fah Habah

It also goes by its other name: Fetch Harbor

I’d love to see how y’all feel about Old Longfellow

He's alright but I personally wouldn't go out of my way to take him with me purely because Automatrons spoiled me with Robot waifus Companions.

He's an old, seasoned Hunter that drinks a lot and at the end of his affinity conversation people kinda see him as a Father-figure due to his comments about wanting to pass along his knowledge. Plus Far Harbor encourages you to take Nick Valentine with you over Longfellow due to how involved Nick is with the story and diMa.

While I love Nuka-World over Far Harbor, in terms of companions, I feel Gage and Longfellow are pretty much the same to me.

If we're ignoring Deacon, Longfella is the guy you want to have around because he's pretty funny in his own way.

I kind of can't stand him. I don't know why. But everytime he says something about someone getting some whiskey 'soon' I want to punch him in the dick. So I just make him run around naked with a feather necklace instead.

Just makes me wish that Far Harbor had more followers. Or at least one other. Having a Cult of Atom follower would be pretty dope, I think? The chance to be part of the faction is neat to begin with. But yeah, Old Longfellow is certainly one of the better followers in FO4 along with the likes of Nick and Hancock. Very down-to-earth and rugged.

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I also wished that. I wished that the guard who has you help his friend with radiation could be a follower. He obviously has combat experience and he’s not vital to the Nucleus operating. I also wish we could have had an Acadian follower. I would like Chase but she might be too important.