A slip-up has offered us a look at the more quickly player in EA"s next NFL game, and a rocket that a rookie.

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We"ve acquired a full list that ratings because that Madden 21, and also there were plenty the surprises this year!

The list method we finally know that the fastest football player in the game will be.

Latest News - Madden ultimate Team alongside be revealed!

We"ve acquired plenty the Madden 21 reveals, yet nothing simply yet on Madden can be fried Team (MUT).

That will readjust 18 August, once the next significant Gridiron Notes will tackle Madden ultimate Team thorough with developer insight.

You deserve to read over what we"re hoping to check out for Madden can be fried Team in Madden 21 here.

Fastest football player in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

In this short article we space strictly looking at the optimal speed scores. Us don"t care about position, age, or contract status. These are merely the quickest football player on Madden 21 Franchise setting at launch.

Tyreek Hill - 96 OVR


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The Chiefs WR retains his best 99 speed and also 99 acceleration from Madden 20.

He also comes v 98 agilty, 92 catching, and also 96 deep route to it is in the can be fried weapon at wide receiver.

Henry Ruggs III - 76 OVR

Team: ras Vegas Raiders

Position: WR

Speed: 98

The rapid rookie Henry Ruggs III come in at #2.

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The Raiders surprised many by drafting Ruggs in ~ 12th overall this year, yet his speed speaks because that itself. Through 97 acceleration he have the right to fly top top the field. He additionally has 83 catching, 94 jumping, and 80 deep course running.

Marquise Goodwin - 78 OVR

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Position: WR

Speed: 97

In at #3 is Marquise Goodwin. He"s bounced around a little, however now in Philadelphia Goodwin need to be a lethal weapon because that the Eagles.

With 96 acceleration and 94 jumping he"s a hazard to take any type of pass to the house. He additionally has 89 adjust of direction and also 84 deep course running.

Mecole Hardman - 76 OVR

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Position: WR

Speed: 97

Another Chiefs player! Mecole Hardman provides for rather the dynamic #2 WR because that KC. His 97 rate is paired v 95 acceleration to it is in a deadly return man and also deep threat.

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He"s got 84 catching and also 86 jumping too.

Marquise Brown - 80 OVR

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Position: WR

Speed: 97

The an initial of two Ravens, Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is in in ~ #5.

Baltimore"s young speedster has 97 speed and 94 acceleration, and also 96 agility. He"s got 85 catching, 85 jumping, and also a 89 juke move to do him important deadly.

Lamar Jackson - 94 OVR

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Position: QB

Speed: 96

Here comes trouble. The Madden 21 covering star and also reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson is the sixth fastest player!


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A QB v 96 speed and 96 acceleration is a nightmare for defenses.

Lamar additionally has 95 agility, 91 jumping, and also 95 throw on the run. He"s walking to it is in a favorite all year.

John Ross III - 76 OVR

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Position: WR

Speed: 96

John Ross to be massively overdrafted by the Bengals back in 2017, however for Madden his speed is specifically useful.

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The Cincy WR has actually 96 speed, 95 acceleration, and 93 agility.

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He"s acquired a 93 juke move and 85 rotate move to be a actual weapon v the ball in his hands.

Fastest football player in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

Tyreek HillKansas City ChiefsWR969999
Henry Ruggs IIILas vegas RaidersWR769798
Marquise GoodwinPhiladelphia EaglesWR789697
Mecole HardmanKansas City ChiefsWR769597
Marquise BrownBaltimore RavensWR809497
Lamar JacksonBaltimore RavensQB949696
John Ross IIICincinnati BengalsWR769596
Rico GaffordLas las vegas RaidersWR559496
Donte JacksonCarolina PanthersCB829396
Denzel WardCleveland BrownsCB869595
Raheem MostertSan Francisco 49ersHB849495
Parry NickersonJacksonvillie JaguarsCB709495
DeSean JacksonPhiladelphia EaglesWR839395
Will Fuller VHouston TexansWR829395
Curtis SamuelCarolina PanthersWR809395
Matt BreidaMiami DolphinsHB799395
DK MetcalfSeattle SeahawksWR799395
Andy IsabellaArizona CardinalsWR729395
Jakeem GrantMiami DolphinsWR749295
Keion CrossenHouston TexansCB699195

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