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--SEE README for INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS--These patches space not compatible with save data made prior to Fate job 8/UBW spot 1. If you"re coming from a previously version you"ll have to delete her old save data (.bmp snapshots and also all .ksd and also .ksd.bak files). If you desire a complete save for the Fate route, you can uncover it here.
Fate Route
Fate WIP spot 9 - every Days InsertedDownload indigenous SolidfilesFate H job 1c (Inserts H-scenes from original PC version, requires over patch)Download indigenous SolidfilesUBW RouteUBW WIP patch 2f - All days InsertedDownload indigenous Solidfiles
NOTE: This is not mostly a translate in project and I cannot guarantee something text-wise beyond what is already in winter moon"s patch.
The purpose of this job is come insert the existing English translation right into the pc version that Realta Nua. In ~ the minute most the the alters in the dialogue and also narration are not reflected. This contains the all Ages alters so scenes that replace the H-scenes native the original PC version room left untranslated and references come the H-scenes native the original translation have actually been carried over.The H job inserts the H-scenes native the original PC version. Basically it would certainly be prefer a MUCH much better version of the present RN counter patch. V this patch whatever is completely translated therefore there"s yes, really no factor to use the initial PC variation for the Fate route.
I setup on uploading a patch through my current progress every week. Firstly as a measure of progress, secondly because this is walking to be a many scripts I"m worried around QC therefore it would be great if anyone wants to check out through them and also let me know about any errors. Patches the are right now being worked on will occasionally have actually lines marked with //del//. These are lines that were gotten rid of from Realta Nua and I"ve favored to note them rather of deleting them to avoid having actually them mistaken as errors.If friend find any problems, please report lock here.
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AnonymousMay 14, 2013 at 2:55 AM

Just to it is in sure, these are the pc versions that the three gamings that you will certainly be working on, right? http://www.typemoon.com/products/fate_dl/In various other words, the patches will certainly be used to these installed three games, am i correct? Or am i wrong through the versions of the games?I favor to be sure before getting any kind of of these.Thank you in development for her answer ;)


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AnonymousMay 14, 2013 at 9:10 AM

Not sure but don't these new RN gamings need to it is in cracked first? for the document I don't mind buying them, I just don't think it's feasible outside the japan.