Each year, trees and wreaths space decorated and auctioned to benefit Primary Children's Hospital.

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December brought a sizable amount of donations to main Children’s Hospital due to the fact that of the Festival that Trees.

Since its start 45 years ago, the Festival of Trees has raised over $35 million. Every year, elaborately decorated trees space auctioned to raise money for children in require of clinical care.

The yearly event requires extensive planning and also preparation in wishes of raising sufficient money to make a difference to households in require each year.

Approximately 30,000 volunteers added countless hours and also resources come accommodate much more than 100,000 human being that concerned The Festival of Trees throughout the four days of procedure in at an early stage December.

Everything that provides up The Festival of trees is donated. Families, businesses and organizations purchase and decorate the trees. Businesses provide the file used because that advertising. Companies even assist deliver trees.

In December, castle boasted a total of 750 trees, dozens the gingerbread houses, quilts and wreaths.

On Dec. 2, they organized an auction where a neighborhood gentleman donated thousands because that a wreath. Once asked just how much he would favor to spend, he provided an amount and also spent the on a single wreath since he wanted to execute his part in offering a gift the love for the children.

“I to be so grateful for The Festival the Trees. There is no them, main Children’s would not be one of the leading children’s hospitals in the nation,” parental Amy Portman said. “My daughter has actually spent weeks in ~ a time in ~ Primary’s, and also the lot of treatment both medical and also emotional is bar none.”

The skies is the limit in terms of tree design. Alien Undies, treatment Bears, Disney characters, Marvel heroes and Tiffany jewelry adorned trees this year. Every year, there is a Coca-Cola-inspired tree, along with trees from rival universities Utah State University and also Brigham Young University.

The Salt Lake neighborhood College successfully acquired donations from famous athletes to develop a tree called “Sports because that Christmas.” It included a Derrick Favors jersey, a genuine SLC jersey, Thurl Bailey’s size 17 shoes, basketball, Jennifer Demko’s (a ballerina v Ballet West) slippers and also so much an ext — all with autographs.

Many trees are committed to loved ones’ passings. A large, flocked tree entitled “Have Courage and also Be Kind” was decorated in a Cinderella layout of blue and gold, complete with a lit carriage. The tree honors a Jenny Nelson Lambourne and also her 11-year-old daughter Brooklyn, that drowned in bear Lake when trying to conserve an 8-year-old cousin.

In 2016, The Festival of Trees increased over $2.6 million for children at main Children’s Hospital.

“Kapai’s angel Tree” to be adorned v angel wings and also heavenly images devoted to 2-month-old Kapai (which way blessing in Pohnpeian) who was born through a heart defect. His parents urge he is now their guardian angel.

Ashton Wagner to be born with complete Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome), which is terminal. She is currently 18 years old. Wagner attends a special education school where she has countless friends. Her family members is thankful she is there and also doing so well. She loves music and also purple, a theme incorporated in she tree, “Ashton Loves Music.”

Every boy who security time at main Children’s Hospital receives medical care possible regardless the race, faith or capability to pay. Major Children’s Charity care Program ensures funds are allocated come ensure quality treatment programs.

“Each year, people amaze me through their generosity and also their commitment come a greater good,” Francis Morgan, executive plank member, said.

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Nearly 50 year ago, a team of females along the Wasatch Front want to uncover a way to raise funds for main Children’s Hospital. The Women’s treasure Committee, led by Betty Wells, began by marketing tickets come the ice Capades and also other small-scale projects. They aspired because that more.

When Co-Chair Ruth Flint to visit a Christmas boutique in Hawaii, she realized the ide of decorated Christmas trees and wreaths, a gift boutique and also a sweet shop would bring the donations they had actually hoped for.

That first year, $47,000 was increased after displaying and selling 60 full-size Christmas trees in the gymnasium at the old Armory in Salt Lake City. It didn’t take long for the routine to adjust its name and also location. The Festival of tree is now organized at the southern Towne Expo center in Sandy, Utah.

The occasion is a staple to Utah residents. Organizations throughout the united States and Utah execute their ideal to replicate The Festival the Trees, yet it remains the many successful of castle all.

“Decorating a tree in memory of my daughter who passed away to be the most financially rewarding experience discovering all its proceeds assisted other youngsters like mine,” parent Aaron Vaughn said. “In a sense, it aided close a chapter for our small family.”