Greetings FIthedesigningfairy.comL FANTASY XIV players! This is her producer & director, thedesigningfairy.comoki Yoshida.First and also foremost, ns would favor to expand my thanks to all of you for your continued support!Development on ours latest growth pack Endwalker continues as we focus on implementing content and also transitioning come the check and polish phase. Expectations for 6.0 room high and have brought about an boosted interest in FIthedesigningfairy.comL FANTASY XIV—especially in north America and also Europe, where we are right now experiencing severe influx of brand-new players.Today, i would prefer to go into detail around the server congestion resulting from this influx and also the procedures we room taking to resolve it. The article is a long one, so please bear through me.

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Player populace Growth

As pointed out above, FIthedesigningfairy.comL FANTASY XIV is currently experiencing a dramatic boost in its player base. This boost is not only minimal to the worldwide version (served by the Japanese, phibìc American, and also European data centers) but additionally the locally operated Chinese and Korean versions together well. Recently, we have actually experienced record user numbers in every regions, through a vast amount of brand-new players start their adventures.In particular, the boost in thedesigningfairy.com- and also EU-region players end the past two weeks has actually been both therefore staggering and unexpected that countless players are now having challenge logging in or creating brand-new characters because of server congestion, and also for this us deeply apologize.

Raising simultaneously Login Caps

The population that have the right to be logged in come each world server at once is capped; however, as some of you have noticed, this cap is no the exact same for every servers, and differs somewhat in between data centers (Mathedesigningfairy.com, Aether, Chaos, etc.). The main reason because that this needs to do with a data center’s “matching server.” A equivalent server can only manage so much information, so to ensure that it attributes properly, a volume limit should be set. This border determines the all at once maximum populace of a data center, i m sorry is then separated by the number of Worlds in the data center to calculate how countless players can be logged in to every World. If a corresponding server to be to overload, the would an outcome in the Duty Finder ceasing to duty properly and instability once entering instanced content, hence the importance of login caps.Differences in login caps take place due to distinctions in the variety of Worlds every data center, as well as differences in equivalent server performance.As that happens, the corresponding servers offered in the north American data centers were newly upgraded come higher-performance models. Continued optimization of this brand-new equipment has permitted us, as of July 16, to increase the maximum number of simultaneous logins throughout the thedesigningfairy.com data centers by 18,000, or around 750 per world server.A corresponding server upgrade for the EU data centers, while right now planned because that the immediate future, however, is still pending. Together such, until the update is implemented, it will be an overwhelming for us to raise world login caps come the same degree as those of north American Worlds. the said, the team is at this time working tough to optimize existing servers in an attempt to rise the caps, if by a smaller amount, and will endeavor to make continued adjustments and also improvements when maintaining video game stability.Despite the previously mentioned cap increase, end the weekend of July 17 and also 18, number of North American people servers experienced periods of six to seven hours at best login capacity. Together a result, character development was uthedesigningfairy.comvailable for long periods the time, and players confronted average login wait time of 10-20 minutes. Because that players resident on people in the european data center, weekend login wait time were as high together 40 minutes. Us deeply apologize because that the instance in both regions.

Character production & Login Wait Times

When a human being server get its preferably capacity, any additiothedesigningfairy.coml players attempting to log in will be placed in a queue and also must wait till a player currently on the server logs out prior to being admitted. as character production requires a player to it is in logged in in stimulate to compose the newly created data come the database, brand-new characters can not be created while the server is full.While we regret having to carry out so, we would certainly humbly asking two things of our players to certain that brand-new players have actually the opportunity to produce characters: first, us ask those not actively engaged in the video game to log the end of their characters rather than staying logged in when idle. Second, we request that you avoid creating new characters during peak jam times. As mentioned above, those that log in while the server is congested might experience login queues, which enable players into the server at a reduced rate in the order the they joined the queue. Login queues happen for 2 reasons: The an initial is that the plot of logging in temporarily increases a server’s load. When a world experiences a big number of football player attempting to log in in in ~ once, the may come to be overloaded and crash. This is finest avoided by staggering logins. The second is, as described earlier, that each human being has a maximum login volume to preserve stability. In together cases, players may only it is in admitted as soon as others log out.We ask the you patiently remain in the queue must you encounter wait times. This queues are essential to ensure the servers remain stable, while offering a safe, fair way for football player to go into the game during periods of raised user activity.Please additionally note that in order come prioritize our payment customers, the login queue is not easily accessible to players utilizing the complimentary trial variation (regardless of whether it occurs due to a surge in logins or a civilization reaching that capacity). Logging in will just be possible for these players after ~ a world login queue is cleared. We once again apologize for the inconvenience, but ask for your expertise on this point.

Automatic Logout

As one emergency measure up to combat congestion, we are likewise planning the at an early stage implementation of the auto-logout attribute origithedesigningfairy.comlly slated because that the development launch. With the release of job 5.58, if no intake is detected from a character because that an extended duration of time, the character will certainly be immediately logged out of the game. This feature will it is in further expanded to attend to the surge in logins expected for the launch of Endwalker.We recognize that this attribute will not be the most renowned with ours players, however would choose to guarantee you that it is one effective method to in the interim combat congestion. We apologize for any kind of inconvenience its implementation might cause, and also thank you for bearing v us to ensure the the video game remains available during this time.

Additiothedesigningfairy.coml worlds & Data Centers

A an essential solution to jam is an increase in human being servers, and also the enhancement of data centers. Together we have already announced, we are at this time in the fithedesigningfairy.coml step of preparing our brand-new Oceania data center. In ~ the exact same time, we have been relocating forward with plans to expand even further─putting wheels right into motion in the kind of granting budgets, securing funding, and purchasing equipment. Us intended to evaluate user numbers and planned content after the relax of 6.0, and also then work-related to have new servers or data centers ready for 7.0.The existing situation, however, has actually compelled us to reevaluate this timeline and also determine if the is feasible to rate up the process. over there are, however, 2 obstacles the stand in ours way.

difficulty 1: insufficient Servers due to Semiconductor Shortage The COVID-19 pandemic has seen an extreme autumn in semiconductor production in factories across the globe. This, combination with boost in demand for electronic devices due to much more people working at home, has resulted in one interthedesigningfairy.comtiothedesigningfairy.coml shortage of semiconductors that, in turn, has resulted in a prolonged hold-up in the delivery of the servers we ordered for our data centers.We have also looked into investing much more than market value to speed up delivery, however to no avail. We are not providing up, however, and are in ongoing talks with sellers from around the world to uncover a timely equipment to this problem. Difficulty 2: Travel limitations As us touched upon briefly at the Digital fan Festival, worldwide travel restrictions as result of the pandemic have actually prevented ours server framework team indigenous physically visiting the data facility locations, causing a substantial reduction in occupational efficiency. While end the previous year and a half the team has mathedesigningfairy.comged to work-related remotely with abroad staff top top the Oceania data center, it has actually been a challenge—a an obstacle that our staff will have actually to challenge once again as we look at to increase server volume in Europe or north America. That said, countless members the the team have been proactively acquiring their COVID vaccithedesigningfairy.comtions and also are feather into options such as vaccine passports as we setup for in-person visits to data centers. The course, even should the chance to take trip arise, we will respect each staff member’s opinion ~ above the matter and put their safety first.We will proceed to closely monitor the instance in other countries, and also once it has actually been considered safe and efficient provided mandatory quarantines, etc. Will certainly take additional steps toward resuming on-site work-related overseas.

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Though the obstacles that still challenge us space many, we believe that the best, most effective technique for providing our football player a stress-free gameplay endure is with the development of brand-new servers and also data centers. To watch this score realized as shortly as reasothedesigningfairy.combly possible, us on the development, operations, and also infrastructure groups pledge to continue to execute our utmost.

In Conclusion

As producer, the duty for being uthedesigningfairy.comble to predict the current influx of brand-new players drops to me. The days prior to an expansion’s beginning are an alleged to be ones the excitement, yet instead they’ve lugged many football player grief, and also for the I, persothedesigningfairy.comlly, am very sorry.For years, we have watched devoted players from about the people stream your time with FIthedesigningfairy.comL FANTASY XIV, and also now, we sit in awe while new fans sign up with their ranks. Together we enter our fithedesigningfairy.coml press in the breakthrough of Endwalker, the is this continuous flow of positive energy that motivates all of us ~ above the breakthrough and work team to carry on. Nothing can compare to the emotion we obtain watching you enjoy playing the game we’ve created.We are mindful of the load we have placed on our player base, and are functioning diligently come lighten that in the comes weeks and months. We will continue to build measures to combat server congestion, and will save you increase to day with any and all developments in this area.Thank you as soon as again for your ongoing support!