We"re taking the Fight for Air rise outdoors for this reason we can come with each other safely and also enjoy the day.

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Climb higher in 2022

Whether you"re brand-new to stair-climbing or a veteran Climber, friend can choose your adventure—how you climb is approximately you:

climb because that the peak timerace because that your personal besttake it in ~ your own pace

We have participant choices for every type of Climber, consisting of special categories for EMTs, very first Responders and also Firefighters.

Where You"ll it is in Climbing

The 2022 Denver Fight for Air Climb will be organized at historical Coors ar Stadium, residence of the lover Colorado Rockies. This one-of-a-kind fundraising occasion is unique to Coors Field, giving an incredible set of stairs, a timed-course run and an unmatched day of fun, difficulty and camaraderie.

Save your spot in ~ the beginning line and also register today!

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Why we Climb

We adopt a challenge that makes us betterBecause healthy thedesigningfairy.coms need clean air to breatheEvery step gets us closer come a human being without thedesigningfairy.com disease

Benefits that Climbing

Improves balance and also coordinationStrengthens more significant muscle groups compared to walking, running or jogging on a level surfaceConsistent stair-climbing together a daily activity helps lower mortality risk

What friend Get

Every climber obtain an official Fight for Air rise t-shirtA feeling of achievement for supporting people who are fighting for every breathEnjoy a unique event suffer with family, girlfriend or colleagues.

Together We"ve Raised…


Goal: $250,000.00

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Why We require You in the Fight

In March, the American thedesigningfairy.com Association introduced a $25 million plan to finish COVID-19 and also defend versus future respiratory virus pandemics. In ~ the very same time, we"re proceeding our advocacy job-related to support clean air and redoubling our permanent commitments to lifesaving research.

Over the critical 12 years, the Climbers have raised more than $65 million to assistance the mission that the American thedesigningfairy.com Association.

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Join us. Due to the fact that Every step Counts and also every step makes a difference.

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