In home windows 10 (but by see "Date Modified" ns guess it was there as soon as I was making use of Win 8.1) there"s a folder in the secondary drive (my laptop has actually two) I just use for Windows file History (Windows backup):


Kaspersky doesn"t finding it together a virus. Go anyone understand what the is, and also if that is conserve to store it and to delete it?

This is that is content:


I can"t see any type of of the subfolders. Even clicking "OK" in the message shown to have actually permanent accessibility to the folder leads me come this other message:


Clicking the protection tab and then "Advance":


Even in "Advance" it states it is can not to check out the existing owner, however this level is too much to mess through for my knowledge. Ns would similar to to recognize what that is and what would certainly be safer, come hide it or come delete it?


This looks prefer a an outcome / leftovers that a .NET installation.

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The installers for the .NET framework use a self-extracting logic because that these execution of the .NET framework does the following:

Find the drive on your system with the largest amount of free disk spaceCreate a randomly called folder on that driveExtract the contents of the EXE to the folderRun the setup EXE native within that folderAfter the setup EXE returns, attempt to delete that folder

Normally that disappears after rebooting, however there room many situations it doesn"t. Every effort in deleting it greatly fail together it request us to have actually permission though we room the administrator. Some attempt were excellent by acquisition ownership the folders and also files yet unsuccessful.

In order to remove it shot Extended disk Cleanup.


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