The 2 categories space wages and salary. Incomes is a fixed pay based on an hourly rate or the job-related that has been done by an employee. Value is a pay the is usually contracted come an employee, where a set amount is usually paid ~ above a yearly communication regardless of the hrs worked.

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Galvin top the sales team that Neon Inc. He is sent at executing his tasks and assigns jobs with clear guidelines and also re



According come Rooke and Tolbert, a strategist is a leader that avoids misconceptions and disputes between team members. The leader concentrates on the breakthrough of the company and likewise developing and also polishing individual"s skills.

The soft skills and always being a help hand makes this leader much more valued by the employees and likewise a teacher because that the team members.

On April 1, Cyclone Co. Purchase a trencher for $280,000. The machine is intended to last five years and also have a salvage value o

a). First year depreciation expense=purchase cost×rate=$112,000

b). 2nd year depreciation expense=$67,200


Step 1

Determine the depreciable value as shown

total depreciable value=purchase cost-salvage value


purchase cost=$280,000

salvage value=$40,000


total depreciable value=(280,000-40,000)=$240,000

Step 2

Annual depreciable value=total depreciable value/lifespan


total depreciable value=$240,000

lifespan=5 years


Annual depreciable value=240,000/5=$48,000

Step 3

Annual depreciation rate=(annual depreciable value/total depreciable value)×100

annual depreciation rate=(48,000/240,000)×100=20%

But since its twin declining=20%×2=40%

First year depreciation expense=purchase cost×rate=(280,000×40/100)=$112,000

Second year depreciation expense=(280,000-112,000)×40%=$67,200

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The communication process involves noise and feedback. True False
solmaris <256>



it has actually 8 simple elements, noise and also feedback 2 of those elements.

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What need to i put for desired salary on job application?
astraxan <27>
Depending top top what kind of job depends on how much girlfriend ask for, however typically you would ask for minimum wage.

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Costs Benefits
Lyrx <107>

Opportunity cost

A trade-off


Opportunity cost measures the expense of a an option made in terms of the following best alternate foregone or sacrificed.

Trade-off arises where having much more of one thing potentially results in having actually less that another.

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