Can who please help me understand how to start this problem? I have posted this up prior to but have not received any kind of help. I can obviously watch that the gradient is 4, that the heat passes with (0,0) and also possibly (-2,2), once z=-3 and also z=9, respectively, but past this, nothing involves me naturally. I have actually no idea just how I am supposed to come up with a role given this information.

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From this picture, you can visually calculation the partial derivatives with respect come y and to x. Through the partials, girlfriend can discover the equation of a plane that satisfies the initial condition g(0,0) = -3

Use the adhering to equation because that a plane:



When $y=x$, you have actually $g = -3$. So the form of the linear function is $g(x, y) = a(y-x)-3$. Currently you also have provided $g(-2, 2)= 9$. Fix for $a$.


We watch that together $g$ alters from $-3$ come $-7$, $x$ transforms from $0$ to around $1.25$. So we have $\frac\partial g\partial x= \frac-7-(-3)1.25=-\frac41.25=3.2$, and equivalently for the adjust in $y$: $\frac\partial g\partial y= \frac1-(-3)1.25=\frac41.25=3.2$

Using the equation that a aircraft with allude $(0,0)$: $$g-(-3)=-3.2(x-0)+3.2(y-0) \longrightarrow g=-3.2x+3.2y-3$$

When $(x,y)=(0,0)$ this provides $-3$, however $(x,y)=(-2,2)$ go not offer 9, so refining gets united state $$g=-3x+3y-3$$

which is the correct answer and so: $\partial x = \partial y = \frac43$.


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