Just when I thought we were about to obtain a significant plot twist that would mess up the entire show’s narrative, well, we didn’t.

Japanese initial Episode Title: 誰が為に


The judges are around to taste Akira’s dish, which looks fairly phenomenal in state of development and context, yet not so lot in presentation. It sort of looks favor something you would certainly eat in a takeaway chicken shop. They room thoroughly impressed, their apparel come off, you recognize the drill. Just when they’re about to explain Akira’s dish premium to the of Yukihira’s, they establish they have not however tasted both sauces. And I’m favor ‘Oh. Yukihira winner again.’

So they do taste the sauce, and also after a many unnecessary symbolic imagery, castle realize that the dishes space equal in terms of taste, yet not in regards to research. Apparently, Yukihira spent rather a little bit of time experimenting and also seeking the end ingredients in the Hokkaido mountains, so his dish has a lot much more depth come it, therefore he normally wins (again).

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After a dramatic cutscene whereby Jun specifically describes to Akira that she walk not desire him to join main and that she no care about the research lab as lot as that does, Jun reflects up at the match after the verdict and also slap his confront off telling him he’s just a kid and he should be spending more time socializing through his friends. Uh…

Yukihira adds an ext to that point by saying that Akira’s occupational lacked passion and that he requirements to find somebody to cook for. Okay.

Episode Highlights

Jun’s ethics: Unlike Akira’s flimsy feeling of an excellent and bad and his i can not qualify to resolve the lose of his precious spice lab, Jun is over there to teach the a lesson. Nothing team up v the bad guys, or she no better than lock are. What a revelation.

Bringing it close to your mouth: Am i the just one who assumed bringing the fried be affected by each other close to your mouths would release some sort of unbelievable stench? ns mean, obviously, the was not the case, but it did look that method until they said it’s a great smell.

Plot twist, not: ns honestly assumed for a second that we would get to watch Yukihira expelled. Well, possibly not expelled however going v a procedure of suspending his expulsion or something? My expectation of the display are no high enough for together a radical plot twist. What type of shonen enables its protagonist to it is in kicked out of the contest? Yeah. Sigh.

Fighting imagery: So an extremely redundant. It feels together if the show is either an extremely low on contents at the moment so they’re constantly make the efforts to rise the dimension of the illustration by just adding random pointless segments of display screen time that have absolutely nothing to execute with the plot. Not to cite the fan service. Naked Akira, hmm.

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The tradition: So the is true, the Nakiris own the ability to not just rip their own garments when exceptionally excited but also those of their near bystanders. I deserve to already photo it – the display ending through either Erina gaining naked once tasting Yukihira’s food or a entirety stadium getting naked because of a Nakiri excitement. Location your bets.

Themes & Trivia

Honey and also balsamic vinegar: Once more, the show surprised me with its culinary knowledge prowess. Honey and balsamic vinegar are undoubtedly a complement made in heaven and also often encountered in Italian-style dishes. Ns personally like using it as salad dressing, together with some extra virgin olive oil.

Amur cork tree: One of the 50 fundamental herbs of timeless Chinese medicine, this tree can be encountered in many countries in Asia, and also even north America. The Ainu world used it as a painkiller.

As if anything would ever before change

Moral of the story – hard work is more important than talent. I can’t say I completely disagree.

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