Disclaimer: This overview will obviously not focus on the one-way techniques of obtaining steel, choose breaking pots in the Story Mode. You came below for a guide on exactly how to farm steel, not obtain reminded the the various one-time grabs friend probably currently know about.

However, just in instance you don’t know all the fast ways to obtain a fill of stole yet, it’s yes, really simple: Break every the pots in the Story mode (if friend need assist finding them, go to this guide), complete the Story mode on difficult or Realistic, and complete the Warrior Trials tutorials found in the Training menu (note: you just need to complete them, no 100% them.)


Apprentice Trials provides you 2000 steel, and Warrior Trials gives 1500.

Completing the story mode on Hard difficulty rewards 4000 steel. 

This guide will likewise NOT waste your time through talking about orders. You should understand by currently that completing her daily and contract assignment is by far your #1 source of continuous steel. If she not also doing your orders, you clearly aren’t very interested in gaining steel.


With that out of the way, let’s acquire into the meat that the article: What execute you play and also how do you play, to get the many steel in because that Honor? 


General Breakdown

Source: PowerQ, “For Honor steel Farming tips 2019 | rapid Steel Guide”

It’s vital to realize that your power in a enhance does affect how much steel you get, although it is not recognized how precisely this is calculated. It’s safe to assume, however, that the an ext Renown you score in the match, the much more steel you are awarded, and also we’ll job-related with that presumption for the purposes of this article. 

Using this handy chart, we can conclude the following: 

Breach is the most steel friend can obtain from playing 1 match, no matter your setups or the match duration. Duel is the the very least steel you can gain from playing 1 match, no matter your settings or the enhance duration. Winning or losing has no influence on her score (although your an individual performance does). Brawl has actually the highest possible steel every minute performance ratio, top top average. 

Breakdown and Analysis

So that would seem to answer the question. Wanna farm steel? pat Brawls. If you’re going purely off these numbers, that’s your finest bet. 

However, in my extensive experience, this chart has some problems. I on regular basis get approximately 150 stole for a single Breach match, no matter how long it to be (which was generally 20 minutes, no 25), as lengthy as ns played well and also had a hopeful K/D. The rest of the graph holds up fairly well, however. 

So, if we readjust the stole per minute because that my experience as a skilled player v Breach, we’d watch Breach at about 7.5, no 4. Not sufficient to overtake Brawl, however it’s something. For this reason it seems Breach still won’t net you as lot as Brawl. 

However, this is where an additional element comes right into play: matchmaking and also queue times. Matchmaking in for Honor is notoriously slow no issue what communication you’re playing on (although i have heard the fastest on PS4 and also slowest ~ above PC, and also obviously some areas are worse off 보다 others in this regard). Some video game modes obviously have an ext queue time 보다 others (cough cough, Tribute), but in mine experience, Breach and also Brawl tend to have around the same. 

In order to play Breach because that an hour, assuming rapid queue times, girlfriend only need to matchmake two, probably three times. Fine go through two and a half. To play Brawl for an hour, meanwhile (again with fast queue times), you’d have to matchmake about fifteen come twenty times. This is a huge deal; if girlfriend grind because that steel utilizing a video game mode that doesn’t last very long like Brawl, you’ll spend a lot much more time matchmaking 보다 you will if you choose a longer video game mode favor Breach. This will, end time, skinny the numbers heavily in donate of Breach in terms of steel-grinding. 

But what if friend skip matchmaking and just solo-queue with bots (with the matchmaking turn off)? that will automatically remove all matchmaking time, however you’ll gain less steel per complement (even much less than you"ll obtain with matchmaking PvAI turn on). It may well be precious it, however, given For Honor’s queue time (ESPECIALLY the ones for PvAI). However not all video game modes are influenced equally by solo-queueing. If girlfriend refer back to the chart, Breach only loses around 25% the the steel rewards, while Brawl (and every other video game mode) loser 50%. This skews grind viability also further in favor of Breach, and means that if girlfriend solo-queue, you hurting yourself even an ext by play anything else than you would just queuing up normally. 

One rapid note around Arcade: If you own arcade, you can shot grinding stole there if girlfriend want, however in my experience, and from the study I’ve done, Arcade is madness inconsistent with exactly how much steel it doles the end after perfect quests. However if you’re going to grind in Arcade (which i don’t recommend), make sure to always choose the highest challenge quest friend can. The searches all take about the very same time to complete (unless friend run into a particularly stupid set of modifiers, like permanently bleeding against Shaman or a Jormungandr who knocks friend down with his knockdown punish). 


Simply put, Breach is her #1 game mode for farming steel, whether versus players or bots. If you have actually friends to play the with, I extremely recommend Breach through PVP. It will certainly shorten queue times, improve your team’s cohesion and also strength, and just be more fun in general. If you’re play alone, fight bots.

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Lock much much less miserable come fight after the CCU, and there room no queue time whatsoever, therefore if you desire to pat on a certain side, friend just need to re-queue till you obtain what you want. Happy grinding!