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17A. One of a everyday three at the table : SQUARE MEAL41A. Ten-spot : SAWBUCK64A. Reality show hosted by rapper M.C. : HAMMERTIME11D. Army marching unit : DRILL TEAM34D. Utmost effort : LEVEL BEST

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1. Take it a powder : LEFT

The phrase “to take it a powder” means “to scram, vanish”. This definition was first recorded in the 1920s, and also may have from the clinical instruction “take a powder”, which might imply having to make a fast exit!

10. Actual estate advertisement abbr. After 2 or 3, commonly : BDRM

Bedroom (bdrm)

14. Golfer Aoki : ISAO

Isao Aoki is just one of Japan’s best golfers. Aoki’s best finish in a major tournament was runner-up come Jack Nicklaus in the 1980 us Open.

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15. Blender switch : PUREE

A “purée” is a food that has actually been made smooth through straining or blending. “Purée” is a French term, i m sorry I believe is now used to mean “pea soup” (more completely written as “purée de pois”). The French verb “purer” method “to strain, clean”, indigenous the Latin “purare” an interpretation “to purify, clean”.

16. “Wonderfilled” cookie : OREO

Nabisco introduced an ad campaign for the Oreo brand of in 2012, telling us the the cookie is “wonderfilled”, that the modest tiny Oreo cookie can bring about a positive change of perspective and create a sense of wonder. Ns think that’s the idea …

17. One of a day-to-day three in ~ the table : SQUARE MEAL

A “square meal” is one that is considerable and nourishing. According to part sources, the phrase originated v the royal Navy, and the square wooden plates on i m sorry meals to be served. However, this centuries-old exercise is an unlikely beginning as the phrase is an initial seen in publish in the US, in 1856. An advertisement for a restaurant posted in a California newspaper offers a “square meal” come patrons, in the feeling of one “honest, simple meal”. The “honest” meaning of “square” to be well-established at the time, together in “fair and square”, “square play” and also “square deal”.

19. __ colada: cocktail : PINA

“Piña colada” is a Spanish ax which translates into “strained pineapple”. The Piña colada cocktail was introduced in the Caribe Hilton mountain Juan in 1954, and also since 1978 it has actually been the official beverage that Puerto Rico. Yum …

20. Heart price : PULSE

One’s “pulse” is the rhythmic throbbing that arteries that is generally detected at the wrist or the neck. The contraction of the heart creates a push wave in the blood that moves the arterial walls, i m sorry is detected as the pulse.

22. Tar hoe State college : ELON

Elon is a city in the Piedmont an ar of phibìc Carolina, close come the city of Burlington. Elon college is a personal liberal art school founded in 1889.

Tar hoe is a nickname because that anyone life in, or from, the state of north Carolina. Together such, the is the nickname also of the athletic teams of the college of north Carolina. No one seems to recognize for certain where the term “Tar Heel” originated, however it is believed to be pertained to the historic importance of the tar, pitch and also turpentine markets that flourished in the state due to the presence of vast forests of pine tree trees.

23. Searching dog : SETTER

The each other of dog known as setters room all gundogs and also are supplied in hunting game.

25. Israeli currency : SHEKEL

The shekel is the currency used this day in Israel. The first use of words “shekel” remained in Mesopotamia about 3000 BCE once it most likely referred to a particular weight that barley.

29. Fiber-__ cable : OPTIC

Optical fibers room lengths of glass or plastic that space slightly thicker 보다 a human being hair. They space usually bundled right into cables, and then provided for transmission of data signals. Optical transmission has advantages over electrical transmission, especially in terms of interference and loss of signal strength.

35. Jinx : HOODOO

Hoodoo is a traditional African-American people magic and spirituality that has actually West African, indigenous American and also European roots. Hoodoo is sometimes puzzled with Voodoo, particularly as lock both have West african connections. However, the two methods are an extremely different.

A jinx is a charm or a spell, and the native “jinx” originates from an older word “jyng” from the 17th-century. A “jyng” was another word because that the wryneck, a type of bird lot used in witchcraft.

39. Tokyo, long earlier : EDO

Edo is the previous name of the Japanese city of Tokyo. Edo to be the chair of the Tokugawa shogunate, a feudal regimen that rule from 1603 until 1868. The shogun lived in the splendid Edo castle. Some parts of the original castle remain and also today’s Tokyo imperial Palace, the residence the the Emperor that Japan, was developed on its grounds.

41. Ten-spot : SAWBUCK

“Sawbuck” is slang because that a ten dissension bill. The term was applied to the bill together the Roman numeral X (which used to show up on the bill) resembles the end of sawhorse.

42. Ga. Ar : ALA

Alabama is well-known as the Yellowhammer State, in honor of the state bird. Alabama is likewise called the “Heart that Dixie”.

The us state that Georgia has two nicknames: the Peach State, and the empire State of the South.

43. Voting mo. : NOV

Election day was preferred by Congress back in 1845. The month the November to be selected together it suited an farming society, following the loss harvest and yet no too much into winter, which might make take trip difficult. Tuesday was liked so that people had time to take trip to polling stations. Monday elections could have intended that some would have to start out on Sunday, and also that might interfere v Christian services.

45. Visa rival, for short : AMEX

“Amex” is short for American Express. In disagreement terms, there are much more transactions conducted in the united state using American express than any type of other card.

46. Mournful toll fee : KNELL

The indigenous “knell” is offered for a solemn ring native a bell, often connected with death or a funeral. “Knell” come the Old English “cnell” and is probably imitative in origin, sounding like a peal native a large bell.

48. Previous OTC market regulator : NASD

The national Association the Securities certified dealer (NASD) no longer exists per se. Due to the fact that 2007, it’s features are lugged out by the Financial industry Regulatory government (FINRA). This functions include regulation of commerce in equities, bonds, futures and options. In 1971, the NASD set up a brand-new computerized commerce system dubbed the NASD automated Quotations stock market, a device we know much better by the acronym NASDAQ.

Over-the-counter (OTC) trading of stocks is a method of trading directly between two parties, together opposed come exchange commerce in which trading occurs in an exchange.

54. NFL team that relocated from St. Louis in 2016 : LA RAMS

The Los Angeles Rams are the just franchise to have won NFL championships in three different cities, i.e. Cleveland (1945), Los Angeles (1951) and St. Luigi (1999). The Rams to be based in Cleveland from 1936 come 1945, in Los Angeles from 1946 to 1994, in St. Louis native 1995 come 2015, and returned to Los Angeles in 2016.

58. Perfume that sounds forbidden : TABU

Tabu is a entirety line that cosmetics and perfumes created by the house of Dana. The this firm brand names to be purchased by a Florida firm called Dana standard Fragrances in 1999.

62. “The Bourne Identity” star Matt : DAMON

Matt Damon is an actor and also screenwriter native Cambridge, Massachusetts. Damon’s large break came through the 1997 movie “Good will certainly Hunting” in which the starred. He co-wrote the screenplay through his childhood friend Ben Affleck.

“The Bourne Identity” is a an excellent spy novel composed by Robert Ludlum, and first published in 1980. It has been ranked together the second best spy novel of every time, simply behind the even more enjoyable “The Spy that Came in native the Cold” by john le Carre. Okay agree v that sentiment. Ludlum wrote two sequels, and also all three parts of the Bourne Trilogy have been made into an extremely successful movie now, certification Matt Damon in the title role. Ludlum died prior to he can write more than three novels featuring Jason Bourne, yet five more titles in the series have to be published, created by Eric van Lustbader. I must check them out …

63. Universal donor’s blood type, summary : O-NEG

The most crucial grouping that blood species is the ABO system. Blood is classified together either A, B, ab or O, relying on the kind of antigens on the surface of the red blood cells. A second designation the blood is the Rh factor, in which various other antigens space labelled as either hopeful or negative. When a patience receives a blood transfusion, ideally the donor blood need to be the same form as that of the recipient, as not compatible blood cells have the right to be rejected. However, blood type O-neg can be embraced by recipients through all blood types, A, B, abdominal muscle or O, and positive or negative. For this reason someone with O-neg blood kind is dubbed a “universal donor”.

64. Reality show hosted through rapper M.C. : HAMMERTIME

Rapper MC Hammer (aka Hammer and Hammertime) was born Stanley Kirk Burrell, and also was really popular in the 80s and 90s. Being roughly that early, MC Hammer is considered to be among the forefathers the rap. Nowadays, MC Hammer is a preacher, and uses the initials MC to was standing for “Man the Christ”. If you room so inclined, you have the right to learn a tiny about Hammer and his family members life by watching previous episodes that the reality TV display “Hammertime”, i beg your pardon aired in 2009.

68. Salinger location girl : ESME

J. D. Salinger created a quick story called “For Esmé – through Love and also Squalor”, originally published in “The new Yorker” in 1950. The is a story about a young English girl referred to as Esme and an American soldier, and also is set in WWII.

69. Aardvark fare : ANTS

The aardvark is the oddest spring of creatures, a nocturnal burrowing animal, aboriginal to Africa. The surname “aardvark” is Afrikaans because that “earth pig”, although that is no in fact related come the pig. Aardvarks are noted, among other things, because that their unique teeth. Your teeth have no enamel and wear away rather readily, yet continuously regrow. The aardvark feeds mostly on ants and also termites.

71. __-Pei: wrinkly dog : SHAR

The Shar-Pei each other of dog is the one through the wrinkly face and also really dark tongue. The each other originated in China, through “Shar-Pei” being the brother spelling of the Cantonese name.


1. Talks prefer Sylvester : LISPS

Sylvester J. Pussycat was additionally known as Puddy Tat, and was a character who appeared in “Looney Tunes” and also “Merrie Melodies” cartoons. Sylvester was the cat that was often trying to obtain the much better of Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales and also Hippety Hopper. Sylvester’s trademark line is the exclamation “Sufferin’ succotash!”, i beg your pardon emphasizes the personalities pronounced lisp.

2. Suffix v arab : -ESQUE

In the ballet position well-known as “arabesque”, the dancer stands on one leg, with one leg extended behind the body.

3. San Andreas __ : FAULT

The renowned San Andreas error in California lies along the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates. The faultline was named in 1885 after ~ a tiny lake simply south of san Francisco dubbed Laguna de mountain Andreas.

5. Jungle chest-beater : APE

Apes and also monkeys both belong to the order of primates. The many obvious means to identify apes from chimpanzees is through the visibility or absence of a tail. Virtually all apes have no tail, and almost all primates have tails.

7. Real estate calculations : AREAS

The terms “realty” and also “real estate” date earlier to the later on 1600s, and also are obtained from the earlier definition “real possession”, other one owns that is tangible and real.

9. Brawl : MELEE

Our indigenous “melee” originates from the French “mêlée”, and in both language the word way “confused fight”.

10. Girl through a missing flock : BO-PEEP

The lines that room most typically quoted for the rhyme around “Little Bo Peep” are:

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep,And can’t tell wherein to uncover them;Leave lock alone, and they’ll come home,Wagging their tails behind them.

But, there are actually four an ext verses, including this one:

It taken place one day, as Bo-peep walk strayInto a meadow hard by,There she espied your tails next by side,All held on a tree come dry.

12. Gambling town northeast of Sacramento : RENO

The city that Reno’s economy took off as soon as open gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931. In ~ a short time, a syndicate had developed the bank Club in Reno, which was the biggest casino in the world at the time.

26. Oddball : KOOK

“Kooky” is a slang word an interpretation “out there, crazy”. It has been around since the beatnik era, and also it may be a shortened variation of words “cuckoo”.

32. Luxurious hair : MINK

There are two species of mink extant: the european Mink and also the American Mink. There supplied to it is in a Sea Mink which was much larger than its 2 cousins, but it was hunted to die out (for that is fur) in the so late 1800s. American Minks room farmed end in Europe for fur, and animal civil liberties activists have actually released many of these animals into the wild as soon as raiding mink farms. Together a an outcome the european Mink populace has decreased due to the visibility of its larger and an ext adaptable American cousin.

33. Twitter’s bird, e.g. : ICON

The familiar blue Twitter logo is known as “Larry the Bird”, and was named for previous Boston Celtics player Larry Bird.

36. Brit. Honor : OBE

The Most excellent Order of the British empire is an stimulate of chivalry in the UK the was established in 1917 by King George V. There are five classes within the order, which room in to decrease seniority:

Knight grand Cross (GBE)Knight command (KBE)Commander (CBE)Officer (OBE)Member (MBE)37. Brooks’ country music partner : DUNN

Brooks & Dunn to be a country music duo made up of Kix Brooks and also Ronnie Dunn.

49. Iraq’s __ City : SADR

Sadr City is a suburb of Baghdad, oft in the news these days. Sadr City is called after the deceased Shia leader Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq al-Sadr.

52. SeaWorld orca : SHAMU

Shamu was the surname of the 3rd orca (aka “killer whale”) ever before to it is in featured in a publicly exhibition. Shamu starred in a well-known SeaWorld display in mountain Diego in the sixties. After she died in 1971, her name live on together the surname “Shamu” is still offered by SeaWorld for its killer whale shows. That initial Shamu was retired after she grabbed and refused come let walk of the leg of one of her trainers.

SeaWorld was began in mountain Diego in 1964. The original setup was develop an underwater restaurant with a maritime life show. At some point the co-founder dropped the idea that the eat establishment and also just went through a design template park. SeaWorld has been mired in controversy since the 2013 release of the documentary “Blackfish”, which tells of the joining of a specific orca (killer whale) in the fatality of 2 SeaWorld employees and also one SeaWorld visitor.

55. Horse-and-buggy-driving sect : AMISH

The Amish room a group of Christian churches, a subgroup of the Mennonite churches. The Amish church originated in Switzerland and Alsace in 1693 once it was started by Jakob Ammann. It was Ammann who provided the name to the Amish people. Numerous Amish people concerned Pennsylvania in the 18th century.

58. Frat party robe : TOGA

In old Rome the classic attire well-known as a toga (plural “togae”) was commonly worn end a tunic. The tunic was made native linen, and also the toga itself was a piece of cloth around twenty feet lengthy made native wool. The toga might only it is in worn by men, and also only if those males were roman citizens. The female indistinguishable of the toga was called a “stola”.

59. An extremely shortly, to Shakespeare : ANON

“Anon” originally meant “at once” and evolved right into today’s meaning of “soon” apparently just because the word to be misused over time.

61. Mid-21st century date : MMLI

The year 2051 have the right to be composed in roman inn numerals together “MMLI”.

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65. Cornea’s place : EYE

The cornea is the transparent component of the eye in the front, covering the iris and the pupil. Also though the cornea is not component of the lens the acts together a lens, and also in truth does most of the work focusing light comes in v the eye. The cornea is in impact a fixed-focus lens passing on light to the variable-focus lens the is inside the eye.