15 finest Quotes native Forrest Gump Forrest Gump is among the many beloved films of all time. Us take a look in ~ the greatest lines native the above movie starring Tom Hanks.

released in 1994, the critically acclaimed and also widely lovely film Forrest Gump remains one of the best films the the modern-day age of Hollywood and also one of Tom Hanks" many iconic roles. The film tells the story of the titular Forrest, who"s created off by numerous due to his short IQ, but he continuous proves the he"s one extraordinary male through his crucial roles in significant moments in history.

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Forrest"s kindness and also compassion space the specifying traits of his character, as well together his desire to contribute to changing history. In addition, Forrest and also those about him demonstrate an impressive level that wisdom about the civilization they live in. This method that the film is full of inspiring and memorable quotes.

Updated on respectable 30th, 2021 by Svetlana Sterlin: The best Forrest Gump quotes proceed to accumulate viewers much more than two years after the film"s release. The oblivious protagonist of this film has actually taught audiences countless important lessons, indigenous being thankful for life"s simplicities come going v the flow, and also living a stress-free life. The movie"s estimates in details help viewers to appreciate the lightheartedness the Forrest Gump. The quotes that remind audiences that how basic life really is are what make the movie one enjoyable yet transformative city hall experience.

Tom Hanks Forrest Gump
over the food of the sprawling epos film, the relationship in between Forrest and his former superior lieutenant Dan evolves significantly. Sublieutenant Dan doesn"t seem to prefer Forrest when they very first meet, yet soon enough, the 2 realize that they"re every the other has, and that the world keeps happen them ago together.

Later in their lives, sublieutenant Dan offers Forrest part sage gaue won advice - to invest in apple stock. However, Forrest doesn"t understand that apple is a technology company, not a fruit. "So then I obtained a call from him, saying we don"t need to worry about money no more. And also I said, "That"s good!" One much less thing." It"s a funny quote that demonstrates Forrest"s carefree nature.

Forrest Gump running on a highway v a crowd of human being behind him and the grand Canyon in the distance
during his impressive journey on foot throughout the country, Forrest winds up developing quite the following, including world who concerned him searching for ideas and inspiration. One of those people is a male trying to uncover a slogan to placed on bumper stickers. Together it happens, in ~ the specific moment the man is questioning Forrest, that runs ideal through a pile of dog feces.

Undeterred, he observes, "It happens." The guy is motivated to construct a new brand the bumper stickers that say, "S*** happens.", i m sorry is an iconic quote in the pop society zeitgeist and also in general society. It"s yet one more hugely far-reaching pop culture moment the the movie controlled to put its own distinctive spin on.

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump
The whole film makes the situation that, though Forrest may not it is in the smartest male in the world, the does have a level the understanding and wisdom that most civilization could just hope for.

In the film"s close up door act, Forrest"s wisdom is perfect encapsulated together he visits Jenny"s grave and tries to make sense of the means the human being works. "I don"t recognize if we have actually a destiny, or if we"re all just floatin" approximately accidental-like on a breeze, however I think maybe it"s both. Perhaps both is happenin" at the very same time." This concept is reflected in the film"s touching photo of a feather floating away from young Forrest Jr.

12 "What"s Normal, Anyways?"

Forrest"s mother is his staunchest advocate for the whole film, and there are truly no lengths come which she wouldn"t walk in order to ensure a much better life for her son. Throughout her fiercest episodes of advocacy and also protection, his mommy makes a an excellent point as soon as she notes, "What"s normal, anyways?"

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Forrest Gump continually demonstrates that underestimating people doesn"t acquire anyone anywhere. Forrest"s unbelievable journey supports this theory due to the fact that he"s to be underestimated by anyone his whole life. However, native the really beginning, his mother has actually known that common isn"t what it"s always made out to be; typical is overrated.

The relationship in between Forrest Gump and Jenny Curran is one of the major storylines in the film. Native childhood onward, Forrest is hopelessly in love v Jenny, the girl the his dreams and one that the only human being to ever before accept and also understand him.

Though their journey takes numerous turns together they flourish into young adulthood, their first meeting is together sweet and innocent as can be, once Jenny enables Forrest come sit beside her on the bus. As Forrest observes, "From that day on, we was constantly together. Jenny and also me was favor peas and carrots." In the end, this proves to it is in true, which renders this one of the best romance movies of the "90s.

10 "I"m no A clever Man. However I recognize What Love Is."

in spite of all the moment they spend apart, Forrest never ever stops being in love with Jenny. Also after finding out all that she has actually suffered from, and also even after enduring plenty of hardships on his own, Forrest continues loving Jenny - also if she seems to refuse to acknowledge the truth that he"s capable of love her.

"I"m no a smart man. However I recognize what love is," he confesses come her. It"s a heartbreaking moment of clarity in the film. Jenny may have known and also understood Forrest all along, but it"s in this moment that she really knows Forrest and all that he is qualified of for the an initial time.

"You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There"s shrimp kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There"s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and also potatoes, shrimp burger, shrimp sandwich. That...that"s around it."

The friendship the forms between Forrest Gump and also Bubba Blue is one of the most endearing facets of the film. Prior to Bubba Blue"s disastrous death, he provides it clear that he desires to walk into service with Forrest - in the shrimping business.

Long prior to he makes an main proposal, Bubbe Blue delivers rather the monologue on shrimp, which is easily one the the most memorable estimates of the movie. He and Forrest make great friends, and also it"s nice because that viewers to view that there"s someone the end there who can understand and appreciate Forrest as he is - and also vice versa.

8 "Mama states Stupid Is as Stupid Does."

Both Forrest and his mother have very frank methods of saying things, and very keen understandings of the means the human being works. As soon as young Forrest an initial meets Jenny, she asks him if he"s stupid or something, to which Forrest answers, "Mama states stupid is together stupid does."

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It"s not really clean what that means, especially in the context of comment Jenny"s question. The quote might be intended as a minute of comedy, but there"s no denying the simple, an essential truth that this observation. It also shows the trust and loyalty Forrest has for his mom, together he seems to live through this quote.

7 "Mama always Said You deserve to Tell A Lot about A human By your Shoes. Whereby They"ve Been, wherein They"re Going."

to run is a an essential motif transparent the film, so, naturally, so room shoes. Forrest is interested in shoes since his mother mentions that they"re a good tool to uncover out around the person wearing them. At the bench wherein he waits for the bus, Forrest renders sure to check each person"s shoes together they take it a seat beside him.

Interestingly, the only thing viewers deserve to really learn about Forrest by his shoes is the he"s come a long way. This isn"t because of the shoes themselves, which are likely part of a sponsorship deal, but because of their boosted griminess end time. Still, it"s a worthy message and also a nice touch come the movie, i m sorry is all around journeys.

6 "Mama always Said Dying was A component Of Life. I certain Wish that Wasn"t."

also though Forrest may not be the many relatable character in terms of his personality, the goes through a lot of experiences that plenty of viewers have the right to understand. Due to the fact that the movie spans countless years, viewers view Forrest deal with a variety of deaths transparent his life.

One that the most relatable estimates of the movie is Forrest"s plaintive great that fatality wasn"t a part of life. Forrest is burdened v the fatality of his father, his finest friend Bubba Blue, his lovely mother, his mam Jenny, and also a variety of soldiers Forrest meets during his time in the army. Though plenty of believe that Forrest Gump is a movie there is no antagonists, the quote have the right to be understood as a comment on war and the needless violence it breeds.

despite Forrest loves Jenny, she"s appropriate to phone call him the he can"t it is in swooping in to conserve her native every problem in she life. Not just is this impractical, yet it takes away every one of her agency. She"s living her own life, and Forrest can"t constantly be there. She demands to find out her very own lessons and also make her own decisions since she"s her own person.

Forrest might be acting out of kindness, but he doesn"t realize this his attempts come solve all of her difficulties are just harming her. They additionally pain her, because, in ~ this allude in their story, Jenny believes that the two of them could never it is in in a romantic relationship. But even if they were, Jenny isn"t a damsel in distress, i m sorry is miscellaneous Forrest needs to realize.

4 "My Mama always Said You"ve acquired To placed The previous Behind You before You can Move On."

among the most vital lessons to be learned indigenous Forrest Gump is Forrest"s decision to prevent running. That tries consistently to operation from everything, however nothing more than his previous - specifics Jenny"s rejection. However, this means that he"s never truly walk to move forward in life, together he"s always preoccupied through the past.

Like many of the worths Forrest lives by, this is something his mother teaches him. The recalls her words often, and also the quote above is a valuable lesson to convey to the audience. Before he can get earlier in touch through Jenny, he requirements to make tranquility with what they"ve already gone through.

Arguably among the many quoted lines indigenous the movie comes very early top top in the film once young Jenny implores a young Forrest to operation from a team of bullies. Indigenous a young age, Forrest is a gifted runner. This earns him respect and renown in his youth, in his university days ~ above the soccer field, in service, and also later in life, as soon as he starts running just because he desires to.

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Running seems to be among the few things in life that provide Forrest with clarity, and also it"s no wonder that this short line from a fleeting moment has concerned be among the many memorable estimates from the entire movie. However, even much more powerful is Forrest"s decision to stop running and face life, and this never ever would have happened if he hadn"t bring away his an initial steps unassisted.

2 "That Day, because that No particular Reason, I determined To walk For A small Run."

one of the many compelling components of Forrest"s trip is his long run throughout America. "That day, because that no details reason, I made decision to walk for a small run. So i ran come the end of the road. And when I gained there, i thought probably I’d operation to the end of town. And also when I got there, i thought probably I’d simply run across Greenbow ar ..."

Though he claims that that doesn"t have actually a reason for running, it can be inferred the he does, yet doesn"t desire to challenge it. After ~ all, he"s a protagonist in a movie, and he has to drive the story. Together the story goes, Forrest end up running much further than Greenbow County, and his journey captures the whole nation"s fist - and also the audience"s.

offered the far-ranging role that Forrest"s mother plays in the film, it"s no wonder that among the finest quotes from Forrest Gump have to be yet one more one of her keen observations: "... Life was choose a box of chocolates. Girlfriend never understand what you"re gonna get." provided Forrest"s very own amazing life journey, the statement is more than accurate.

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It"s also a clear incentive for Forrest"s later on conclusion the life is both fated and random, planned and mysterious. Forrest"s life is just around as random and destined together things can get, choose a perfectly organized box the chocolates.