Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos was called Fortune"s Businessperson of the Year this particular day for his part in an altering both the bookstore and also the publication itself.


Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos was called Fortune’s Businessperson the the Year this particular day for his component in an altering both the bookstore and the book itself.

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Bezos started Amazon in 1994 and also has since redefined what a bookstore is. Many recently he presented a 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablet that competes straight with Apple’s iPad Mini and also is seemingly very bullish on the e-reader market. As opposed come his competitors, Bezos frequently pushes the idea the Amazon won’t make money off of the hardware, but rather, Amazon will make money off of the content that brings those tablet computers alive.

Fortune chooses the businessperson the the year by looking in ~ the financial standing of the candidate’s company, share performance, and also market value. It also looks at the who leadership, just how they “gracefully command a very huge organization,” if castle risky, if they’re strategic. Lastly, the looks at even if it is the firm itself has “cultural significance,” perhaps has maybe adjusted the way we perform something. In Amazon’s case, this is the review of the book market.

Specifically, luck factored in Bezos’ management style, which contains asking his employee to submit brand-new ideas v a six-page created narrative. The told luck in bespeak to write a memo favor this, you need to have a clear head, an knowledge of what you’re writing. Bezos likewise stresses the emphasis on the consumer. He claims his competition safety time in the shower head thinking about overcoming their greatest adversaries, while his employees spend that time thinking about better products for your customers.

Runners-up include Apple CEO Tim Cook, eBay CEO john Donahoe, and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon.

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Other technology favorites on the more comprehensive list of 50 ideal businesspeople that the year encompass Google’s Larry Page, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, IBM’s Ginni Rometty, and also Square’s Jack Dorsey. Fortune claims Dorsey made it to the list since of metrics spring at management and social disruption.

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