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Book description

Revised and updated through the latest information in the field, Fundamentals of Information Equipment Security, Third Edition provides a substantial oversee of the vital ideas readers should recognize as they go after careers in information devices security. The text opens with a conversation of the new threats, dangers, and vulnerabilities associated through the shift to a digital human being. Part 2 presents a high level overview of the Security+ Exam and gives students through indevelopment as they move toward this certification.

Table of contents

PART I The Need for Information Security CHAPTER 1 Indevelopment Systems Security Information Solution Security Tenets of Information Equipment Security The Seven Domains of a Usual IT Infraframework Weakest Link in the Security of an IT Infrastructure IT Security Policy Frameoccupational CHAPTER 2 The Internet of Things Is Changing How We Live IoT’s Impact on Human being and also Business Life IP Mobility Mobile Applications New Challenges Created by the IoT CHAPTER 3 Malicious Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities What Are You Trying to Protect? Attack Tools What Is a Security Breach? What Are Risks, Threats, and also Vulnerabilities? What Is a Malicious Attack? What Is Malicious Software? What Are Common Types of Attacks? What Is a Countermeasure? CHAPTER 4 The Drivers of the Information Security Company Implementing a BIA, a BCP, and a DRP Mobile Workers and Use of Personally Owned Devices PART II Securing Today’s Indevelopment Systems CHAPTER 5 Access Controls Two Types of Access Controls Methods and Guidelines for Identification Processes and Requirements for Authentication Policies and Procedures for Accountcapacity Formal Models of Access Control Centralized and also Decentralized Access Control CHAPTER 6 Security Operations and also Administration Security Administration Compliance Professional Ethics The Infraframework for an IT Security Policy File Category Standards Configuration Management The Change Management Process Application Software Security Software Growth and also Security CHAPTER 7 Auditing, Testing, and also Monitoring Security Auditing and Analysis Defining Your Audit Plan Audit Documents Collection Methods Post-Audit Activities Security Monitoring How to Verify Security Controls Monitoring and Testing Security Systems CHAPTER 8 Risk, Response, and Recoexceptionally Risk Management and also Indevelopment Security The Risk Management Process Business Continuity Management Backing Up File and also Applications Incident Handling Recoincredibly from a Disaster CHAPTER 9 Cryptography What Is Cryptography? Company and also Security Requirements for Cryptography Cryptographic Principles, Concepts, and Terminology Types of Ciphers Symmetric and also Asymmetric Key Cryptography Keys, Keyarea, and also Key Management Digital Signatures and Hash Functions Cryptographic Applications and Uses in Indevelopment System Security Principles of Certificates and also Key Management CHAPTER 10 Networks and Telecommunications The Main Types of Networks TCP/IP and also How It Works Netoccupational Security Risks Basic Netjob-related Security Defense Tools Wireless Networks CHAPTER 11 Malicious Code and Activity The Key Types of Malware A Short History of Malicious Code Threats Threats to Company Organizations Anatomy of an Attack Attack Prevention Tools and also Techniques Intrusion Detection Tools and Techniques PART III Information Security Standards, Education, Certifications, and also Laws CHAPTER 12 Indevelopment Security Standards Standards Organizations ISO 17799(Withdrawn) CHAPTER 13 Information Systems Security Education and also Training Instructor-Led Programs Postadditional Degree Programs Information Security Training Programs CHAPTER 14 Indevelopment Security Professional Certifications U.S. Department of Defense/Military Directive 8570.01 Vendor-Neutral Professional Certifications Vendor-Specific Professional Certifications Juniper Networks CHAPTER 15 U.S. Compliance Laws Federal Information Security The Health Insurance Portability and also Accountability Act The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act The Sarbanes-Oxley Act The Family Educational Rights and also Privacy Act The Children’s Net Protection Act Payment Card Indusattempt File Security Standard

Product information

Title: Fundamentals of Indevelopment Equipment Security, third Edition Author(s): Kim Release date: October 2016 Publisher(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning ISBN: 9781284116465


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