Your office chair shouldn’t be a literal meaning pain in your butt. If your chair doesn’t offer supportive, comfortable padding for working long hrs at your desk, an ergonomic chair cushion is the best budget alternate to buying a better chair. After nearly three month of researching 17 seat cushions and also testing 11 of them, we recommend the Purple dual Seat Cushion since it offers two levels of firmness, continues to be cool, and also holds its shape all day many thanks to its distinct gel-lattice construction.

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Purple twin Seat Cushion

A functional cushion the keeps her bum cool

The 2-inch-thick Purple double is the many versatile cushion us tested, v a for sure side and also a soft next to accommodate different comfort preferences. The is supportive, breathes well, and also fits top top a selection of chairs.

The Purple dual Seat Cushion propped us up with a cushy springiness unlike any type of other seat cushion we tested, offering firm support without being stiff. We preferred that you can flip the cushion, for this reason it’ll feel an excellent whether you prefer soft or tough seats. And we likewise love that it no run warm thanks come its unique gel honeycomb design. Some world might not favor this cushion’s wobbliness—it’s kind of favor being perched ~ above a large, gelatinous Belgian waffle—but that’s part of what renders it feel so light and also airy come sit on.

Dimensions: 18 by 16 by 2 inch (WLH)Type: gel

Tempur-Pedic seat Cushion

A slim storage foam chair cushion the conforms to her body

Made the dense, slim memory foam, the Tempur-Pedic seat Cushion encourages far better seating posture than fully flat seat or seat cushions since of that contoured design.

The Tempur-Pedic seat Cushion is a thin, medium-firm seat cushion with a tenderness give. Due to the fact that it’s 1½ inches thick (except because that the increased edges and also middle contour), the Tempur-Pedic i will not ~ raise you as high as thicker chair cushions favor the Purple twin or our spending plan pick, the Xtreme Comforts, cushions—which might be ideal if friend want just a small extra padding but not so much that you require to adjust your workstation because that the finest ergonomic fit. The ridge between the foot helps you keep your knees and thighs accordingly hip-width apart, but that contouring might not it is in comfortable because that everyone.

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Dimensions: 16 by 16 by 2 inches (WLH)Type: memory foam

Xtreme Comforts huge Seat Cushion

A large, soft chair cushion through thick padding

This seat cushion is broader and thicker 보다 its rivals, and also much squishier. If the fits your chair and you nothing mind the sponginess, that a an excellent value.