When walk your household start thinking about Halloween? Me, I begin hounding my kids for costume ideas over the summer. I love DIY costumes;having them take forever come make, not so much. Therefore I was thrilled this previous August when Essie announced she’dbe a ghost for Halloween. How hard can it be to make a ghost costume?

Then Kimmie decided she’d it is in a ghost, too. Bonus! make a ghost costume times two. Just how lucky am I? Can’t get any simpler than that. Two white bedsheets, right here we come.

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Originally published October 21, 2016; last updated September 2020.

September: get ready to do a ghost costume x2

1. Gain white fabric

Our edge of Suburbia U.S.A. Has not one, yet two thrift stores in ~ a mile of ours house. My mission one September morning, after obtaining girls turn off to school: find two white sheets.

Of food I discovered every shade of paper except plain white. I doubt a cartoon-character-printed ghost costume isn’t walk to cut it.

But also better, i foundan entire bolt the white fabric! because it was Half-Off Day, $7.50 later on (surely the $15 initial price way there’s plenty of fabric for 2 ghost costumes, right?) ns was on mine way. That was virtually too easy.

2. Consider logistical challenges

One reason I like lots of lead time because that making costumes is so I have the right to stick lock on the mental back burner, until I number out a good way to attain the desired effect.

But the an ext I pondered the bedsheet-with-two-eye-holes-cut-out scenario, the an ext I realized it to be going to be harder to make a ghost costume 보다 I’d imagined.

Think around it: just how do you know where to reduced the eye holes? and also once you’ve acquired them cut, just how do you gain them to stay in ar on the kiddo’s head when the son is walking around?

3. Execute some research

So I began hunting digital for accuse on exactly how to make a ghost costume. This site has the ideal step-by-step directions I found for Ye Olde an easy Sheet-Based Ghost Costume that Won’t loss Off. (The an enig is it is registered a light-coloredhatinside the head component of the sheet; the cap is what stop the costume in place and also keeps the holes whereby they belong.)

By currently it to be mid-September. Figuring I had actually this trouble solved, ns stashed the bolt of towel in a closet.

But i still necessary to discover white hats. Ns briefly contemplated crocheting some v bulky white yarn while wait in school drop-off and also pick-up lines. Instead, I uncovered a pair of pastel plaid fleece caps at the tail end of this fall’s infant Consignment revenue event. Cost: about 25 cents each. Score again!

I likewise stumbled across some black cheesecloth in ~ Secondhand Crafting supply Store. Among the websites I’d consulted on exactly how to make a ghost costume suggested sewing black color mesh behind the eye holes, so that the costume offers the illustration of black holes without having actually to paint big black circles approximately one’s eyes.

To me, sewing on black color mesh sounds way easier than trying to apply (and then remove) eye-area black grease repaint on a 4-year-old and also a 6-year-old. Also though the bundle had lots much more fabric than I needed, at $2.25 it was still a bargain.

Second mainly of October: shot to make a ghost costume x2

1. Make time, collection goods

With three weekends remaining until October 31, I made decision I’d much better make the costumes already. So Sunday afternoon i cleared off the dining-room table and also gathered mine supplies, including some small white elastic; ns figured I’d include some wrist straps to help hold the cloth in place. Climate I cut the tape off the bolt that fabric, and unrolled it come see just how much fabric I had.

My 54-inch-wide bolt of cloth contained roughly two yards (72 inches). That’s it.

Enough to do a ghost costume, however not enough to make two ghost costumes.

2. Make an initial attempt anyway

But this was my Chunk the Time To do A Ghost Costume x2, suturing it! So i folded the hunk of cloth in quarters, marked the center, and also hunted down Essie, who was playing in the living room.

Next I hunted down Kimmie, who remained in the basement indulging in screen Hypnosis. She was not happy to have actually her Mulan/Mulan II binge-watching marathon interrupted by gift asked to stand up and having a piece of opaque white towel draped over her eyes.

But an excellent news: the rectangle in inquiry works much better on a 48-inch-tall boy than a 40-inch-tall one.

Given the girls’ level the engrossment in their various tasks and my very own inertia, I chose that investing the remainder of the afternoon in a trip to the nearest towel store was not the best choice. So i packed every little thing away and also got the end a item of paper.

3. Do some math

Next thing I know, I’m sketching the end rectangles that fabric and trying come remember the Pythagorean organize (you know, the formula offered to number out the long side the a right triangle) so i can number out how much fabric I have to make Essie’s costume.

Several calculations later, ns hada rough sense of what to aimfor. (In case you’re curious: for a 40-inch-tall child, i figured I’d require either1.75 yards the 45-inch-wide fabric, or 1.25 yards the 54-inch-wide fabric.)

Third main of October: try again to make a ghost costume x2

1. Acquiremorefabric

First prevent after preschool drop-off on Monday: the thrift keep a half-mile from home. They had actually several majority of white towel for a few dollars each. However the bundles were all videotaped up, the keep doesn’t allow returns, and they likewise don’t generally enable you to un-tape bundled items before you to buy them.

Brought the piece residence to uncover it’s actually about 40 inches x 80 inches – no really vast enough, and too long. Cut off several of the length and adding it onto the sides appears a far better bet than having a large seam best down the middle of the thing, however still…

Guess I’ll it is in hauling out the sewing maker after all. I in reality love to sew; I uncover it soothing and relaxing. However finding the unencumbered time in which to execute it, without continuing to be up half the night, is the challenging part.

2. Success, atlong last

So lot for this gift a fast-and-easy process. I ultimately got Kimmie’s costume done in one afternoon, and also Essie’s excellent the followingafternoon.

2a. The actual procedures to do a ghost costume

The an easy steps go favor this:

Mark facility of fabric. (I did this by folding it right into quarters and ironing in creases.)Put hat on child, facility fabric ~ above child’s head, and secure facility of cloth to top of child’s head with safety pins. Use additional pins to secure fabric around the edges of the hat.Cut out said holes.Cut mesh (black cheesecloth) to go behind the holes, and secure to the within of the fabric.

2b. Final tips and also tricks

" data-medium-file="https://thedesigningfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wriststraps-rock-225x300.jpg" data-large-file="https://thedesigningfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wriststraps-rock-768x1024.jpg" class="wp-image-1636 aligncenter" src="https://thedesigningfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wriststraps-rock-768x1024.jpg" alt="Kimmie, wearing her finished ghost costume, displayed why the wrist straps are specifically useful." width="450" height="600" data-pin-description="Kimmie, wearing her finished ghost costume, demonstrates why the wrist straps are especially useful." srcset="https://thedesigningfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wriststraps-rock-768x1024.jpg 768w, https://thedesigningfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wriststraps-rock-225x300.jpg 225w, https://thedesigningfairy.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/wriststraps-rock.jpg 1125w" sizes="(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px">

Putting cap on child/safety-pinning towel to cap iseasier said than done. After the step, tracing and also cutting the confront holes was easy-peasy.I also cut a single pieceof cheesecloth, huge enough come cover all 3 holes, and also then folded up one corner prior to folding and also stitching a simple hem about the edges. Hemming kept loosened threads native tickling the girls’ faces; copy up one corner made the mouth hole extra-dark, while quiet maximizing visibility through the eye holes.The girls agreed that adding elastic wrist-straps within was a valuable addition.

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