Given the complying with information, identify if one of the brands is a much better buy. Brand a: 14 ounces because that $33.18 brand b: 22 ounces because that $52.80

choice B

Brand A is the better buy.

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Step-by-step explanation:

Brand A: 14 onzas por $ 33.18

We use this together a switch factor.

Each 14 ounces price $ 33.18

This is:


To to compare the prices us will uncover out how much that would price to to buy 22 ounces of the brand A



22 ounces that The brand A space 0.66 $ cheaper

Then the Brand A is the much better buy.

none of A or B is a far better buy.

Step-by-step explanation: we are provided to pick the brand from the complying with that is a far better buy :

Brand A: 14 ounces for $44.66

Brand B: 20 ounces because that $63.80

We will be making use of the UNITARY technique to solve the problem.

Brand A :

The cost of 14 ounces = $44.66.

So, the price of 1 ounce will be

Brand B :

The expense of 20 ounces = $63.80.

So, the price of 1 ounce will be


Since the expense of 1 ounce in both the brands A and also B is equal, therefore no brand is a much better buy.

Both brands cost the exact same per ounce

Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

To determine if among the brand is a much better buy, find out the unit rate

To uncover out the unit rate, division the total cost through the number of ounces

Brand A

Brand B

The unit rate of Brand A is the very same that the unit rate of Brand B


Both brands expense the same per ounce

Determine exactly how much expense one ounce in both cases:

1. Brand A: 14 ounces because that $44.66, climate 1 ounce expenses


2. Brand B: 20 ounces for $63.80, then 1 ounce costs

As you deserve to see both brands cost the very same per ounce.

correct selection is A.

For this situation what we should do is find the unit price because that each the the brands.

To do this, we division the full cost in between the total variety of ounces.

We have actually then:

for the brand A:


because that the brand B:


Therefore, we observe the both brands have actually the exact same unit expense and, therefore, both brands space the same purchase option.

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A) Both brands expense the very same per ounces

Brand A : $44.66 : 14 = $3.19 every ounceBrand B :$63.80 : 20 = $3.19 every ounce

A ) Both brands price the very same per ounces

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