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It do Go Down refers to a famous prank video clip in which man in a fishing watercraft tries to warn his friend the their watercraft is around to reach a weir, through the other guy telling him the the river "do no go down." beginning March 2020, the video clip gained popularity in memes adhering to a viral edit.


On respectable 29th, 2015, Facebook<1> user RaShaun Grey uploaded a prank video clip in which he travels down a channelized flow in a fishing watercraft with his friend. Upon noticing that they room approaching a weir, Grey repetitively tells his friend that the flow goes down, through the girlfriend dismissing his warnings best until they almost reach the weir. The video clip received over 30,000 likes and also 110,000 shares on on facebook in 5 years, v an respectable 30th, 2015, YouTube<2> reupload gaining over 2.9 million see in the same period (shown below).

- Nuh-huh. It"s a bridge. It simply goes about the corner.- Robin, that don"t look favor this. Robin, it goes down.- that don"t. That don"t walk down.- Robin, that goes down!- No the don"t.- It perform go down!- Oh! Stop, stop!


On November 10th, 2016, YouTuber<3> Chumbo posted a To it is in Continued… edit based upon the video, noting the very first known meme based upon it. The video clip received over 360,000 views in four years (shown below, left). On July 5th, 2019, YouTuber<4> the cable turned off cade post a Minecraft edit of the video that gathered over 1 million views in eight month (shown below, right).

The style did not watch a pronounced spread until on march 9th, 2020, YouTube<5> and also Instagram<6> user Jonkari p posted a The Incredibles edit of the video clip (YouTube upload displayed below). The edit received end 58,000 see on YouTube, gift featured on the instant Regret click This Playlist, and over 15,700 views and also 5,500 likes top top Instagram in ten days.

Following Jonkari P"s post, the format gained a significant presence on Instagram, with significant edits by thugbobs,<7> retry.mp4,<8>,<9> blip.mp4<10> and also other Instagram customers posted in the complying with days.




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