In this God of war The mountain Collectible areas Guide, us will overview you on places of all the collectibles discovered in The Mountain. Each location in God of war is complete of different locations the you have to collect if you want to reach 100% completion for each location. This collectibles are spread about each location in hidden areas or off-path areas and also you can miss plenty of if you are not careful.

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Lucky for you, our God of war The hill Collectible Locations overview details every collectibles in the The Mountain ar of God that War. Through the aid of this guide, friend will be able to collect all surprise collectibles in the location and also aim for that 100% perfect mark. That is precious mentioning right here that if you space playing the game for the an initial time, us recommend the you skip these collectibles as none the these have the right to be missed. You have the right to collect all of them after finishing the main story of the game.

The hill Collectibles – areas Guide

This God of war Foothills Collectible areas Guide focuses on all collectibles present in The Mountain. There are 35 collectibles in this an ar that you should collect. We have thorough the collectibles in a sequence so it is ideal that you follow the overview as the is for this reason you do not miss any collectibles. Because that this region, head come the ar where you clearing the black Fog and also enter the mountain from there.


The hill Collectible # 1 – Raven

When you go into the mountain, take it the ideal path indigenous the chamber wherein the deer frosting is located throughout the chasm. Head under the path and follow the tunnels until you reach the wood bridge. The crow is sitting under the bridge. You have the right to hit the from the space in the bridge whereby it is broken.

The hill Collectible # 2 – Artefact

The second raven is additionally located in the very same area. Girlfriend will discover a wooden wall surface here that deserve to be damaged with any type of weapon. Rest the wall surface and find the collectible sitting near a corpse.

The mountain Collectible # 3 – Lore Marker

This Lore marker is additionally located in the very same area. To uncover it, ruin the wood barricade and you will find a blue decision behind it. Atrues have the right to shoot blue arrows in ~ it to develop a irradiate bridge. Cross the chase and pick the 2nd crystal native the floor. Take it across the bridge and place in next to the inactive Lore Marker. Do Atreus shoot an additional arrow in ~ it to activate the Lore Marker.

The mountain Collectible # 4 – Nornir Chest

In the exact same area together the Lore Marker, you will uncover a Nornir Chest. Since it is sitting in the dark, do Atreus shooting an arrow at the torch beside it to light up the area. Now you will have the ability to see the signs easily. To find the signposts, head earlier to the wooden bridge from wherein you have the right to see two of the compelled signposts. The last one is visible from the light bridge. When all signposts have the required signs, you deserve to go and also unlock the Nornir Chest.

The mountain Collectible # 5 – Lore Marker

Now go earlier to the main path and continue heading up. As soon as you with the various other side that the chasm where the giant deer is sitting, look in ~ its back and friend will uncover this Lore Marker.

The hill Collectible # 6 – Lore Marker

Keep heading forward on the key path and you will certainly come across some red sap. This is blocking the door which deserve to be opened to offer you accessibility to the opening area of the mountain. Do Atreus shoot a shock arrowhead at it to punch it up. Open up the stealing gate and also go back to the key entrance. Take the blue crystal, which girlfriend placed earlier in the story mission and then go earlier to the red sap gate. Placed the crystal in the socket near the Lore Market and collect it.

The mountain Collectible # 7 – Lore Marker

Get back on the story route until you have to climb the wall. During your climb, friend will uncover this Lore marker is level sight. You can have gathered in during the story.

The mountain Collectible # 8 – legend Chest

Follow the main story route until you open the huge door and also enter the area whereby you climbed the mountain via the elevator. Kill the wolves and climb the chain located on her left side. Open up the legendary Chest current above.

The hill Collectible # 9 – Lore Marker

In the middle of the very same area, girlfriend will uncover a big wooden crates containing some stones. Look at its earlier to discover some lore written on it.

The hill Collectible # 10 – Shop

In the exact same area, go to the tunnel, which is lighted by a torch. Keep adhering to it and also you will reach Brok’s shop. Friend would have met him previously while playing the key story most probably.

The hill Collectible # 11 – Raven

Look to the ideal side of Brok’s shop in the direction of the chasm. You will view the Raven flying in circles there.

The hill Collectible # 12 – Artefact

Continue top top the key story path and go v the spike trap. Just after the trap, throw your axe at the spike wall surface to open up it and also collect the artefact.

The hill Collectible # 13 – Raven

In the same area, rise the chain and also circle around until you with the exact same area together the ahead artefact. Girlfriend will find the raven sit in front of you on the mains story path.

The mountain Collectible # 14 – Artefact

Drop under in the main area and you will uncover some red sap in the main area. Do Atreus shoot one electric arrowhead at the to blow it up and collect the artefact sit behind it.

The hill Collectible # 15 – hidden Chamber

In the key area, you will find the enntrance gate to the surprise Chamber where you collected the Lore Marker.

The mountain Collectible # 16 – Mystic Gateway

This is located inside the hidden Chamber in the key area.

The mountain Collectible # 17 – Raven

This is located inside the covert chamber in the room whereby you struggle the Valkyrie.

For the remaining collectibles for this location, friend must rapid travel come the ‘Summit’ Mystic Gate.

The mountain Collectible # 18 – Mystic Gateway

Automatically unlocked while play the key story that the game.

The hill Collectible # 19 – Language Cipher Chest

Head up the course leading far from the Mystic Gate and you will come throughout this chest.

The mountain Collectible # 20 – Artefact

Climb under the mountain to find the artefact sitting alongside a corpse.

The mountain Collectible # 21 – Mythic Clarity Armor Set

Near the last artefact, you will certainly find another chest, i beg your pardon is spanned in vegetation. Use knives of Chaos on it to burn it and open the chest.

The mountain Collectible # 22 – Lore Marker

Head over to the mountain pass and also go back to enter the mountain. This is currently the story path but we room going backwards. You will uncover the Lore marker behind red tree sap. Friend can uncover the spiked red ball across the leg to punch it up and also collect the Lore Marker.

The hill Collectible # 23 – Nornir Chest

This chest is inserted on the story path in the same area whereby you choose red spiked ball. To open this chest, you need to damage three runes in the very same area. The very first is located in the room i beg your pardon is clogged by some an ext red tree sap. The is in the dark. Throw an additional spiked red sphere at it to punch it open. You will discover the rune inside.

The following one is located throughout the bridge while the last one is situated at the optimal of the bridge so girlfriend will need to raise the bridge and also then frozen it utilizing the axe to break the seal. As soon as all 3 runes are broken, head earlier to the chest and also open it.

The hill Collectible # 24 – Artefact

Keep going ago on the story path. Cross the dark corridor and climb down. Girlfriend will uncover a corpse v the artefact.

The hill Collectible # 25 – legend Chest

In the same area, climb under further and you will uncover a legendary Chest.

The mountain Collectible # 26 – Shop

This is Sindri’s shop unlocked automatically while play the story. The is unlocked appropriate after the boss fight with the Dragon.

For the next set of collectibles, you need to head ago to the summit. Every these collectibles are situated in the external area on top of the mountain.

The mountain Collectible # 27 – Language Cipher

While you are heading ago to the mountain, while you space on the hill pass, if girlfriend are cautious you will discover a hidden passage means that you deserve to climb down onto. This is in between the ar where Mimir was trapped and the place of a Lore marker formerly explained above as collectible number 22. Climb under from here and also you will get to the chest.

The hill Collectible # 28 – realm Tear Encounter

This is located right alongside the Language Cipher mentioned above.

The mountain Collectible # 29 – Shop

This shop is located next come the last collectible easily accessible via the hidden mountain passage. Sindri owns it.

The mountain Collectible # 30 – Mythic Clarity Armor Set

This chest is located right beside the hidden Sindri’s shop mentioned above.

The mountain Collectible # 31 – Artefact

Keep going right from shop and push versus the wall. This will permit you to walk over to the various other side that the area. You will find one more artefact here.

The hill Collectible # 32 – Mythic Clarity Armor Set

Keep heading directly after collecting the last artefact until you involved some red tree sap. Pick up the spiked ball and also use it to blow open up the sap. Usage the revealed crate to gain accessibility to the chest sit at the top.

The hill Collectible # 33 – Lore Marker

Jump earlier down and follow the path until you reach the finish where girlfriend will watch the large elevator. Rather of acquisition the elevator, find some wood boards near it and also lift Atreus up so he can drop down a chain for you. Climb up and also you will find the Lore mite at the finish of the path.

The hill Collectible # 34 – legendary Chest

Right after the Lore Marker, one Ogre will certainly ambush you. Death the Ogre and also look for the gate behind it. A chest is located behind this gate. To open up this gate, you will be forced to find and place Winds the Hel in the right socket. Go earlier down and also use your knives of Chaos to acquire a Winds that Hel holder by damaging it. Take it and head earlier to the chain.

Destroy the barrier located beside the chain and you will reveal the Winds that Hel location. Use the chisels to carry them come the portable holder that you brought up here. Now climb the chain, acquire the Winds the Hel in your blades and run to the Ogre generate location. Placed the Winds the Hel in the socket come lift the gate and also open the chest.

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This concludes our God of war The hill Collectible locations Guide. If you desire to include anything come this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.