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The golden State warrior are back in the NBA Finals for the 3rd straight season. And for the 3rd straight year, they room playing the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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This time around, though, the Warriors have a notable readjust on their jerseys. A golden band through the No. 42 is top top the best shoulder that the jersey, and also it’s to honor a legendary previous player that passed away last year.

“Without a doubt, he is among the most beloved figures to ever before wear a warriors uniform,” golden State owner Joe Lacob said of Thurmond to USA Today.

Golden State legend Nate Thurmond died July 16, 2016 at the period of 74 after a fight with leukemia. Thurmond play 11 that his 14 skilled seasons v the Warriors and also had a fairly a stellar career. He’s taken into consideration by some to be one of the best centers ever before to pat in the NBA and also he had his jersey retired by the franchise in 1978, becoming one of six players to execute so.

Prior to the 2016-17 season, golden State announced that it would certainly wear the patch because that every game during the season.

Thurmond to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball hall of call in 1985 because of his dominance on the floor. He to be a seven-time NBA All-Star seven times and also was selected to the NBA All-Defensive an initial or second team 5 times.

For his career, Thurmond average 15 points and 15 rebounds per game to go along with 2.7 assists. He had actually a field-goal percent of 41.1 percent.

Thurmond was selected No. 3 all at once in the 1963 NBA breeze after playing college basketball in ~ Bowling Green. He’s the Warriors’ all-time leader in rebounds (12.771) and minutes played (30,735). Notably, he’s the first-ever player to document a triple-double. He score 22 points, 14 rebounds, 13 assists and 12 blocks when he played because that the Chicago Bulls in a game against the Atlanta falken in 1974.

“Looking back, he was as ferocious as any type of player in the background of the game on the court, but one the the kindest and nicest souls in his everyday life,” previous teammate and also coach Al Attles claimed to USA Today.

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The Warriors additionally wore job on your jerseys commemorating their 70th season as a franchise (it was created in 1946 in Philadelphia).

Two patches because that the warriors this year: 70th-season logo and memorial "42" tape for Nate Thurmond.