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Amateurs will go with something simple like GoBrady12, The Champ or "s Team. If you really want to impress your leaguemates, you need to go with something more creative. So, allow us to provide you with multiple options. Also, if you have a good one, then find me on Twitter


Best fantasy football team names

Magic Mike Evans: The Buccaneers wideout isn"t a male stripper, but this name works out. Also applicable for Mike Wallace, Mike Tolbert ... you get the idea.

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Golden Tate Bridge: He doesn"t play in San Francisco, but Tate is worthy of some love after his phenomenal 2014 season.

Aaron Rodgers" Neighborhood: "Won"t you be my team name?"

Forgetting Brandon Marshall: This one is dated, but it might be even more relevant now that he"s on the Jets.

Belichick Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: This one might be too long for some websites, but it"s just too good to pass up.

Revis and Butthead: This one explains itself.

Bananas Foster: Unfortunately, Arian is hurt for a while, but when he comes back this name could work out for you.

Waka Flacco Flame: Is Waka Flaka Flame elite?

Boldin the Beautiful: The show is probably as old as the receiver.

99 Problems But a Britt Ain’t One: Actually, if you have Kenny Britt on your roster, it is definitely a problem.

Suh-Tang Clan: Ain"t nothin" to mess with. If you don"t like this, try our other Ndamukong-themed name — Kung Suh Panda.

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Cruz Control: Your profile picture can be a salsa-dancing gif. 

DeMarco Polo: Please don"t use this.

Scobee Snacks: For the fantasy users who appreciate kickers.

Luck Be a TD Tonight: Using the class of the Colts quarterback with a classic song.

Abdullah Oblongata: The Lions rookie running back is deserving of a fantasy team name after his preseason debut.

Bryce Petty Wap: For the new-age hip-hop fans (I must give credit to Kenny Ducey for this one).

Hakeem In Like A Wrecking Ball: Hakeem Nicks might not do much in Tennessee this season, but I love this team name.

Jamaal About That Bass: No fumble.

Do The Sankey Leg: Bishop Sankey might be in for a big year, so impress your league by naming your team after him first.

The Walking Dez: It"s a stretch, I know, but it works. 

Taste the Dwayne Bowe: This is absolutely horrible so please don"t use it. I"m sorry I included it.

Geno 911: This name takes on a new meaning after recent news.

Ellington Coat Factory: Burlington Coat Factory + Andre Ellington = this dumb team name.

Turn Down for Watt: If you don"t want to rep the Texans defensive end, maybe you"ll like the Cleveland option: Turn McCown for What.

Gotta Catch Jamaal: Two names with Jamaal Charles wordplay.

Saved by Le’Veon Bell: The Steelers running back might just save your roster if you own him.

Rage Against the Vereen: Shane Vereen is no longer in New England, so the rage over his touches might die down.

RG3PO: Robert Griffin III might be able to play in more games if he were a robot. For another Star Wars-themed name, try May the Forsett Be With You.

Bend it like Beckham: Odell Beckham Jr. can certainly bend his body to make insane catches.

Winning is my Forte: There are plenty of Matt Forte puns to make, this is just one example.

Calvin and the Chipmunks: I"m not sure who the chipmunks are in this situation.

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The Curious Case of Kelvin Benjamin: There"s nothing all that curious about Kelvin Benjamin, but this name is great.

Ladies and Edelman: Ladies and gentlemen, I present with you with another team name.