In this song, candid Abagnale Jr is make the efforts to obtain out of telling the component of his story where he doesn’t come out together well, making sure he’s viewed as a perfect hero.

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It's my happy endingNow it's time to say goodnightWe deserve to stop pretendingTell the spotlight man turn turn off my lightCause the present is done nowAnd it's time to leave the stageYeah, the good guy won nowAnd the band has actually no much more songs come playIt's a happy finishing so I'll sayGoodbyeGoodbye to all the make believeGoodbyeThere's no much more magic up my sleeveThere's naught left to act up hereI'll take it my bow and disappearNo concerns left for answeringThere's only one native left come singGoodbyeIt's a happy endingTo the greatest show on earthNow the curtain's descendingAnd i hope you got your money's worth
Gonna prevent the show now'Cause i wanna leave on timeSo get up and go now'Cause there's nothing left within my headEverything that's left to say's been saidBut goodbyeGoodbye to every the song and danceGoodbyeOff-stage ns stand a far better chanceThe present is through, the parts been playedNo was standing in the wing afraidNo violins or phony tearsThe word thats music to my ear is goodbyeGoodbyeGoodbyeGoodbyeI'm not afraid the stoppingThis end might be mine startI wanna live a lifeAnd not just play a partI'll walk right into the sunsetI'll sail throughout the seaThe final wordThe critical you'll hear of meOf me...
Is goodbyeGoodbye to every night aloneGoodbyeGoodbye to stays I don't ownI'm exhausted of life on the stageA life that's only on the pageEmpty lies space in the pastI've tried before but here's the critical goodbyeGoodbyeGoodbyeGoodbyeGoodbye
In this song, frank Abagnale Jr is make the efforts to get out of informing the component of his story wherein he doesn’t come out as well, making sure he’s viewed as a perfect hero.

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