Next off month a new pay-per-view is collection to air live on the WWE Netjob-related, and also it has actually an extremely strange name. The name of the pay-per-watch is Great Balls of Fire, and as soon as the name was announced, fans immediately started cracking jokes and making memes for apparent reasons.

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The name has been capturing most fabsence from fans, and also world can’t seem to speak mentioning the truth that the word “balls” is in the title. You would think that in the PG Period WWE would try their ideal to prevent producing any kind of marketing products that can be provided in an inappropriate manner, yet reportedly that’s not the situation.

The agency freshly released a brand-new logo for Great Balls of Fire, which includes, you guessed it, two balls. The 2 balls in the logo were accompanied by a flame and once you throw them all together the logo strongly resembles male genitalia.

One fan pointed this out to Sasha Banks on Twitter, and they asked her if she thinks it looks prefer a man’s personal components.

SashaBanksWWE perform you think the Great Balls of Fire logo looks favor a dick and balls?

— Shane Wareham (
SashaBanksWWE) June 7, 2017

WWE has considering that developed a new logo for the pay-per-watch which doesn’t attribute something that could be perplexed for male genitalia, but once something’s on the internet it never before really goes ameans.

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