I desire to try a forcewave construct but not an extremely versed in the different species of classes. I have actually seen tactician, witchblade, fatality knights but what space the pros and also cons of each of this combinations? which one has the best defense/offense or a combo the both? Is tactician together tanky as witchblade or fatality knight? would certainly it have as great an violation as well?


None of this builds are tanks.

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Witchblade is generally thought about to it is in best. Commando 2nd, probably. I'd carry out it together a Commando top top the presumption that you'd do a different Mastery mix for various other builds - too numerous interesting points to perform as a Witchblade to "waste" her playthrough doing Forcewave. Tactician can have the ideal defense, however is another one where there are too plenty of interesting things to carry out to bother with Forcewave. Forcewave Warder is patent weaker than the other selections - no really sure why therefore many human being are convinced otherwise. Death Knight is an extremely much a glass cannon - you have very little defense yet the damage output is good because of the extra resource of Resistance reduction from Spectral Wrath (though Witchblade likewise has the extra RR from Curse of Frailty).

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Death items is an extremely much a glass cannon

DK does have Mark that Torment, though. Yet I agree, when MoT is in CD, the is the squishiest of the 4 FW classes.

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If you desire to pat 2h forcewave in the endgame (lvl94+), this classes are the best:

Physical FW: Witchblade #1, Deathknight #2

Fire FW: Commando

Elemental FW: Tactician

In the end picking the second mastery is much more about the damage type you wanna use.

If you desire to readjust your endgame playstyle anyway, then this doesn't really matter, together all soldier+x classes can lvl approximately 94 using forcewave. Pick your second mastery depending upon what endgame build your want to usage then.

Edit: none of the FW build are genuine tanks, yet they space pretty tanky (sth like a bruiser rather). Actual tanks use shields or space spellbinders. Additionally Tactician is around as tanky together DK/WB as result of Inquisitor's seal. That is offense should be about the same, too.

Edit 2: Warder is imo really negative for forcewave compared to the other options. Warder excels at other things, like bleed builds and also the avenger collection build.

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Edit 3: This post is only about 2h forcewave through tremor transmuter. There are likewise internal trauma forcewave builds through the Octavius set, which work-related well v Witchblade, Deathknight and Tactician.