Given NameOscar
Born16 Jun 1858
Died29 Oct 1950

Contributor: C. Peter Chen

thedesigningfairy.comaseGustaf V (Oscar Gustaf Adolf) was born in Drottningholm palace to King Oscar II the Sweden and Norway. He to be crowned the King of Sweden ~ above 8 Dec 1907; the Norwegian throne had been separated native the dual monarchy in 1905. A German sympathizer during WW1, he ongoing to display friendship with Germany throughout the inter-war years, including after the rise of the Nazi Party. Under King Gustaf V's direction, Sweden provided Germany with iron and also steel in the start of the war and mobilized her very own military; however, she remained neutral through the whole war. Towards the end of the war, Sweden was well-known to be a safe haven for Jews fleeing from German populated Europe; Gustaf V was attributed with sheltering over 200,000 Jews indigenous German prosecution. He passed away in Drottningholm royal residence in 1950.

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Gustaf V Timeline

16 Jun 1858 Gustaf V to be born.
29 Oct 1950 Gustaf V happen away.


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1. Stellan Bojerud says:12 Apr 2007 11:22:21 PMKing Gustaf V had actually old fashion sympaties because that Germany because his mam Queen Victoria to be german. He yet dissliked the nazis. Throughout WW 2 he to be an old man and also therefore Crown Prince Gustaf Adolf (later King Gustaf by means of Adolf), that was married come Louise Mountbatten, ex- Princess Battenberg, played a crucial role in swedish politics and he was the leader the the pro-British group within the imperial family.

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