.hack//Legfinish of the Twilight.hack//Tasogare no Udewa Densetsu

The over information came from Dig, and also was edited by yours truly. The photo came from Lucky Dice.

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The story is collection four years after the PS2 games which are at the heart of project .hack.

After she won two special edition character designs, Rena talks her twin brother, Shugo, into playing "the World" via her. They appeared to be normal players, via the exemption of the stvariety bracelet given to Shugo by the Aura. But no...Twilight is illustration close to as soon as even more.

Ouka, a.k.a. the "Divine Fist," maintains a really high level and also is a passionate fighter. She wishes for a worthy enemy and constantly longs to end up being stronger.

Ouka"s class is career Werewolf, and she can change right into a wolf and also ago, but it compelled a documents drain to readjust her ago, she has actually silver hair, and supplies her fists and legs to fight.

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The above description came from Eien and Dig, and also was edited by yours truly.

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