Black and also red hair team together prefer a dream and also thanks come colour techniques like balayage and also dip-dye, there room so plenty of ways come wear the look. Below, we’ve choose the height red and black hair colour concepts from Instagram to aid inspire your next trip to the salon.

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Red and also Black Hair Melt

This colour works all hair lengths. Credit:

The dual dark brown and cherry red tones in this look work together so fine and add dimension come this beauty’s medium size hair. Credit:

Black and also Red Balayage

Give dark tresses a red balayage makeover. Credit:

The balayage an approach is one of the most renowned ways come wear black and also red hair, the we can attest to.

Thanks come the flexibility to walk as hefty or together bold as you like, you can tailor the look to your very own style and personality. If you’re a much more discreet type, simply include a few slices the red throughout the lengths of her hair for a much more subtle finish, or light up prefer this Instagrammer and turn heads v an intense red effect. Credit: 


This half and half combo will be sure to revolve heads. Credit:

It might not it is in one for the faint-hearted, however it’s definitely one of our fave red and also black hair color ideas.

From Nicki Minaj to Ke$ha, this fifty percent and fifty percent two-tone black cherry hair colour is supervisor playful and also just imagine how amazing it will certainly look once weaved together in a braid or in a twisted updo! Credit: 

Red Ombre on black Hair

Not just is this Instagrammer rocking among this year’s hottest haircut (we’re talking about bob and bangs, that course), but her mix that black and also red hair is to mark for every the ideal reasons. Making use of an ombre to present off her hue, this format is certainly one come take note of.

Editor’s tip: If you plan on adopting any kind of of this red and also black hair colour ideas, we suggest using the TRESemmé colour Shineplex Shampoo and Conditioner to help maintain your colour vibrancy means past the hundreds of Instagram likes you’re certain to get.

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You can’t go wrong v a dip-dye. Credit:

This do not be afraid dip-dye mix is the perfect means to ‘dip’ your toe in the colour trend and also for added style points, team through a beret for an A/W update. Credit: 

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is a cool means to undertake black and also red hair. Credit:

Not just for her wardrobe, color blocking is coming to be one of the surprising new ways come dye her tresses that late. This Instagrammer coloured the peak section of her hair through a fiery red hue while leaving the underneath section a deep dark hue.

The contrast looks amazing and also can be your own little an enig when hair is left loose. Credit: 

Bright Cherry Red on black Hair

This vivid look will certainly make girlfriend shine. Credit:

This sweet black and also red hair combination is a an excellent choice because that ladies who aren’t fear to present off a lively hue. Not just will it warmth up her strands in the winter, however it’ll also make you shine in the summer. Credit:

Money item Highlights

Prefer subtle looks? shot this. Credit:

Looking for a ethereal black and red hair combination? look at no further! This beauty has opted for fiery red money piece highlights on each side of her strands because that a cool effect. Credit:

Split Dye Black and Red Hair

Can’t decide between black and red hair? You’ll love this. Credit:

You can acquire the finest of both worlds with this bold, contrasting red and also black split dye. Exactly how will you format it? Credit:

Red and Black Pixie

Black and also red hair looks great on quick hair. Credit:

If you are dreaming of including a happy touch to your pixie cut, take note of this Instagrammer’s hairstyle. Through a dash of red hair and the rest of she hair left dark, this look renders an edgy and stylish impact. Credit: