I just got a brand new box copy of aur Combat evolved for Christmas, and also installed it. (I am running on home windows 8.1). At any time i twin click the shortcut, i gain a blog post stating: accessibility Denied. You re welcome login v administrator privileges and try again. With the bowl in, if i open up my drive, climate close it, the Halo menu will popup, and i deserve to click play, however it simply closes the food selection as it claims it will and nothing happens. Mine account on my computer is the just account and also i to be the PC\"s administrator.

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GeForce GTX 960

Intel main point i5 (3.30GHz)



thedesigningfairy.com windows 8.1

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A. User
replied on December 26, 2015

Hi Noah,

Thank you because that posting her query in thedesigningfairy.com Community.

I understand that it asks for administrator privileges as soon as you try to pat Halo Combat though you are the only user account on the computer with administrator privileges. Let me questioning you;

Did you download the game as administrator?

Let\"s try the adhering to methods and check.

Method 1: You can shot turning turn off the User Account Control, monitor the procedures below:

1. Open up User account by pressing Windows an essential + X, clicking Control Panel, clickingUser Accounts and Family Safety and then click User Accounts.

2. Click Turn User Account control on or off. If you are prompted for one administrator password or confirmation, kind the password or provide confirmation.

3. Pick the Use User Account regulate (UAC) to assist protect her computer inspect box to turn on UAC, or clear the check box to revolve off UAC, and also then clickOK.

Disclaimer: User Account regulate (UAC) can assist you prevent unauthorized transforms to your computer. It works by prompting you for permission once a job requires administrative rights, such together installing software or transforming settings that influence other users. We don\"t recommend turning User Account regulate off. If you execute turn the off, you must turn it ago on as soon as possible.

Method 2: due to Windows 8.1 added security mechanism, you could be encountering this permission issue. Hence if you have to access, take property of the drive and assign civil liberties or permission to the drive.

Here is guide on exactly how to take ownership and also grant permission in home window 8 (applicable to home windows 8.1 together well).

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\"Access Denied\" or various other errors when accessing or working v files and also folders in Windows

Also, refer the suggestion listed byRonnie Vernon from the thread link below:


Hope this info is helpful. You re welcome feel totally free to answer in situation you face any kind of other concerns with home windows in future.

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