Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns is a farming simulator game from Marvelous Entertainment for the Nintendo DS and 3DS that offers a plethora of extra features than any typical farming simulator game. The game features two villages – Konohana and Bluebell from where players can start their journey. Among all the features offered by the game, the one we are going to talk about is the Bachelor and the marriage system.

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There are a total of six bachelors in Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns, two normal bachelors are found in each town, while, the remaining two are special bachelors that appear only when certain condition and event requirements are met. Proposing to these bachelors in Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns allows players to marry them. And, to make the selection process easier. Today we have gathered the list of all bachelors in Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns.

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Konohana Bachelors

1.) Kana


Kana is one of the bachelors from the Konohana village. He works at the local pet shop, and in terms of activities, he loves exercise, partying, and having fun in festivals and other events. Kana has no family, and as a bachelor, he also features a reverse proposal. So, to marry Kana, players have to max out his FP by giving him gifts and taking him on dates.

2.) Hiro


Hiro is a very happy individual from the Konohana village who works as Ayame’s assistant at the clinic. Being inspired by his father, who is a great doctor, Hero also dreams to become a doctor, despite his clumsiness. He is the second bachelor that players can find in the Konohana village, the first being Kana.

Bluebell Bachelors

3.) Ash


Ash is yet another bachelor who players can marry, if the requirements are met. He is the farming rival of our main character, who works at his mother – Jessica’s farm, spending most of his time in pasture and tending animals.

4.) Cam


Cam is a florist who lives in Bluebell, at Howard’s Cafe. He is also one of the six bachelors in the Harvest Moon that is available for marriage.

Special Bachelors

5.) Dirk


Dirk is the same mail delivery guy from Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar, but this time around, he has grown into a fine young man, who travels from town to town delivering mails. He is one of the two special bachelors in Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns that players can encounter during Summer 1 of Year 1 or later, in a special event.

6.) Mikhail


Mikhail is a passionate musician, and a violinist who appears in Harvest Moon until the 7th of Fall during the first year. He is a very shy person why loves spending his time with nature, in the mountains and other places. Moreover, he is one of the special bachelors that the players can marry upon completing all requirements.

Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns is currently available on Nintendo DS and 3DS platforms.

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