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Recently I have been refused entry come the U.K. As they were no satisfied ns am a genuine visitor. Now, ns would favor to examine in the U.K. But I"m confused as to what “voluntarily elected to depart the U.K.” means.

I was handed a an alert of refusal of leaving to Enter. Ns departed the U.K. Follow to the instructions.

Should mine answer be yes or no?


What voluntarily chosen to depart the U.K.

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method is that, as soon as you to be refused entry in ~ the border, friend left and also didn"t make a case that might allow temporary admission. As an aside, such short-term admission is not an immigration status and does no have any kind of rights attached.

Your entry refuse is now component of her UK immigrant record, and also would be taken into consideration during applications for any other visa. Her answer need to be yes, as to do otherwise could be taken into consideration deception and a potential element for a refuse of any type of subsequent visa application(s).


Amongst various other thedesigningfairy.com history-related inquiries UK visa applications forms frequently ask ‘Have you ever before been... ‘refused entry in ~ the border’. This is what happened to you, thus in every future applications whereby this question is had (UK or elsewhere) you will have to answer ‘Yes’. A in-depth explanation of the terms is below Difference between deportation and removal


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UK visitant visa refused due to previously staying for too long and also not having strong ties. Exactly how should ns reapply?

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