Last month us told you around the phibìc Carolina man who, ~ above a whim, marketed the hearse provided for Dale Earnhardt's funeral end Craigslist for $8,800. The new owner has it top top eBay because that a slight markup: $1.5 million.

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Man regrets marketing hearse that carried Dale Earnhardt Sr.During Sunday's Daytona 500, an advertisement appeared ~ above Craigslist to offer the Lincoln hearse that carried…

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The listing ~ above eBay for a seller in Huntersville, N.C., gives little information beyond making the insurance claim that it's the very same hearse used in Dale Earnhardt's personal funeral in February 2001. The seller has three other provided cars for sale and also no other transaction background on the site, and has offered his Earnhardt auction eight days come run.

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As we wrote last month, vault owner bill McKeithan to buy the 1996 Lincoln Town auto hearse with 115,000 mile on it last year, quickly after the funeral house disposed the it. McKeithan made decision to simply sell it throughout this year's Daytona 500 — the 10th anniversary the Earnhardt's fatality during the very same race — also though that thought around walking ago the deal after thinking around how lot the hearse could be worth.