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I stand behind a podium in the funeral house staring at a crowd of a pair hundred people. With sweat beading on my forehead, a bump in my throat, and a node in mine stomach, I repeated the just thing I believed could assist in this dreadful moment — expect from the Scriptures.

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Between the crowd and me to be a casket the was exactly three feet in length with a boy that was means too young within of it. The funeral the a short-lived life is never ever easy come officiate.

Ironically, many of us fear the fatality of family and also friends much more than we fear our own death. It's this sort of fatality that produces too much pain the stirs our emotions to understand at any hope we deserve to muster to cause our understanding a quick moment of remainder from the affect of brokenness over unbearable loss.

In the midst of this grasping and searching because that the right words to assist others, or to even to soothing our very own souls, we often tend to believe and say things that space not have to biblically true.

Too plenty of times to count, in periods such together these I've heard civilization say and/or short article on society media, "God gained an additional angel today."

This bring on a cause for cringe, but I also strongly believe that it's not helpful to dive into theological discussions while who is in the midst of extreme hurt. Often, the best thing we have the right to do in these times of lose is to hurt through them, host them, and also just listen.

However, in moments once cooler heads and hearts deserve to prevail, we will be significantly more encouraged and also empowered through biblical reality than us will ever be by pithy statements. Especially, ones the aren't also true.

Here is the plain and basic truth. Humans are humans, and angels space angels. This remains so even in eternity.

In fact, angels space intrigued by the interaction in between God and His "image-bearing" humans: "It to be revealed to them that they were serving no themselves but you, in the points that have now to be announced to you v those who preached the an excellent news come you by the divine Spirit sent out from heaven, things into which angels long to look (1 Peter 1:12)."

It's actually better for you come be person than the is because that you to be an angel. Most scriptures scholars think that the Scriptural account of Ezekiel 28:12 – 18, Isaiah 14:12 – 14, and Revelation 12:4 describe the autumn of Lucifer (a previous angel) and one-third that the angels (now considered demons) the joined his revolt versus holy God. What's sobering about the account of these fallen angels is the their judgments to be final, with no hope of redemption, forgiveness, or grace. I think this is what the 1 Peter passage is discussing, when he says, "things i beg your pardon angels long to look." They are astonished by God's unconditional love because that you!

God for this reason loved human beings that He sent His son to become a person (although, He also never quit being God) to dice as a person for humans! What good love God has actually for us as human beings.

"But God reflects his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ passed away for united state (Romans 5:8)."

Christ passed away for people, not angels! through His resurrection, Jesus overcame the sin and also death for people, not angels! Through faith in the kid of God, we get to experience grace, hope, and complete forgiveness of ours rebellion versus Him – angels never gain to suffer this!

Here is our can be fried hope: as soon as a loved one dies knowing Jesus together Lord and also Savior, God does no gain one more angel.

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 Rather, God calls one more worshipper come come home.

Your love one benefit the chance to see Jesus face to face. They obtain to leaving this temporary ar for your eternal house in the eight of their loving Father. You can have pure peace discovering that God and also His Word deserve to be trusted. Let the promises of the scriptures mend your damaged heart learning that her loved one, if castle knew Jesus, is much more alive this particular day than you are — no as one angel, but rather, as a totally glorified human being v a perfect heart the is no longer susceptible come sin, a mind the is no much longer susceptible come depression, or a body the is no much longer susceptible to disease or death!

Christian brothers and sisters, take it heart, if you're a believer and also follower the Jesus, then someday you'll see your Christian loved one again. You'll view them perfectly person through your perfectly person eyes, and also together you'll check out the perfect Jesus who loved human beings so lot that he laid His life under for them!

Dr. Shane Pruitt is manager of missions for the southerly Baptists that Texas Convention. The writes for I currently Am. The views expressed by the writer do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion the Christian this day or the editors.