Kiy Hester obtained to invest some an useful time in ~ January’s NFLPA Collegiate bowl with one more safety who has actually Miami and brand-new Jersey ties.

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“Ed Reed to be our defensive coordinator,” the former Rutgers defensive back said recently around his endure at the an elderly all-star game. “I was talk to him all week, picking his brain every job in meetings, on the field. The was giving me tips to take it my game to the next level. It to be amazing.”

Reed, a college Football and also Pro Football room of Famer that played at Miami and also for the Ravens and also Jets, was one of numerous notable NFL surname Hester come in contact with over the mainly of practices, seminar and also a video game played in ~ the climbed Bowl. Previous Colts head coach chuck Pagano led his team and also Buccaneers cornerbacks coach Kevin Ross to be his place coach. Hester also got to rub shoulders with former players choose ex-Giants star Plaxico Burress and ex-Texans star Andre Johnson.

“I got a lot the end of it,” claimed Hester, who is just one of several former Scarlet Knights maintain at test Football Academy in Martinsville, along with Marcus Applefield, Kiy Hester, Jonathan Hilliman, chris Laviano, Trevor Morris, Gio Rescigno, Joe Rivera and Muhammad Wainwright. They room led by test CEO Kevin Dunn, a previous Rutgers diver, and his staff.

Hester had actually an exciting college career and is among the an ext interesting Rutgers hopefuls headed right into April’s NFL Draft.

A four-star recruitment at DePaul High, Hester originally signed with Miami after formerly de-committing from Rutgers, just to leave the program and transfer come Rutgers a couple of weeks into his time there. He then was expected to leave Rutgers as a graduate transfer after an All-Big Ten Honorable point out year in 2017 and go come Florida worldwide for his final college season. But Hester made decision to remain at Rutgers before he perfect his degree.


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The former two-star recruit played his method into Rutgers record books without lot fanfare.

Hester played in 11 games last fall, however an early-season hamstring ithedesigningfairy.comury hampered him. He finished with 31 tackles and one happen break-up. The did no start any kind of games. However his invitation to the Collegiate Bowl shows there is interest in his skill-set at the next level.

“I never ever really fully healed indigenous , and they were more getting younger males ready. I simply took from critical season was just really (the prestige of) remaining healthy, keeping my head up and also just grinding,” Hester said. “We had a unstable start, however toward the end of the season us played very well. Us didn’t desire to put negative stuff ~ above film and also just play with everything we’ve got.”

Hester said he is fully healthy ~ battling ithedesigningfairy.comuries in his Rutgers career (he let go a merged eight games over four seasons). “I practiced all week (at the Collegiate Bowl), play in the game, had good interviews with scouts,” he said. “I’m training. Ns was healthy and balanced for about the last 4 games, but after the season, i took two weeks off rehabbing, climate I checked out train in California for a month.”

Now he is earlier in brand-new Jersey. The Plainfield indigenous said that believes there was much less NFL attention on him and his Rutgers teammates this previous season because of the Scarlet Knights’ 1-11 finish, and that they deserve to “prove a lot of of human being wrong” starting with Friday’s agree day.

Hester said he believes his 40-yard dash time at pro day – the drill check director of football operations Geir Gudmundsen call “the money-maker” – will be an important to his breeze outlook.

“That’s going to assist me and rise my stock. If I operation a great 40 and also do well in position drills, it is going to assist me,” that said. “I’ve got sufficient film. To run the 40 is the greatest thing scouts desire to see.”

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