See the slightly different version unique annotated as well here -“Out the the blue and into the black” to be a term offered by Vietnam “tunnel rats” – those soldiers that fought… check out More 

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Hey hey, mine myRock and also roll have the right to never dieThere's more to the picture than meets the eyeHey hey, mine myOut the the blue and into the blackYou pay for this, yet they give you thatAnd when you're gone, girlfriend can't come backWhen you're the end of the blue and into the blackThe King is gone, but he's no forgotten (Johnny Rotten, Johnny Rotten)Is this the story the Johnny Rotten? (Johnny Rotten, Rotten Johnny)It's much better to burn out, 'cause rust never sleepsThe king is gone, but he's no forgottenHey hey, my myRock and also roll deserve to never dieThere's an ext to the snapshot than meets the eyeMy my, hey heyRock and roll is right here to stay
See the slightly different version nicely annotated too here -

“Out of the blue and also into the black” was a term used by Vietnam “tunnel rats” – those soldiers who fought the war in the Vietcong tunnels. – offered to call going down the tunnels “out of the blue and also into the black”. Another term they used was “lost light” – to the light that appeared to be existing even in the blackest tunnels.

Mentioned in Michael Connelly’s take care of Bosch novels …

The rock"n"roll soul is not survival. Of course, the world who beat rock"n"roll have to survive. Yet the essence of the rock"n"roll spirit to me, is that it’s much better to burn out really bright 보다 to sort of decay off into infinity. Even though if friend look at it in a tires way, you’ll think, ‘well, yes… you should decay off right into infinity, and also keep going along.’ Rock"n"roll doesn’t look that much ahead. Rock"n"roll is best now. What’s happening right this second. Is it bright? Or is it dim because it’s wait for tomorrow—that’s what people want to know. And that’s why ns say that.

—Neil Young, Rust


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