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The Hi-Point JCP Pistol is an affordable, durable, and also safe choice.

The lightweight, textured polymer structure of the JCP is both impact-resistant and easy to grip. This handgun is compatible through all manufacturing facility ammunition and also is furthermore +P rated to enable for overpressure rounds the provide greater muzzle velocity. Integrated into this pistol is a flour coated slide, flexible sights, and also manual thumb safety together with a newspaper disconnect safety. The .40 S&W chambered Hi-Point JCP is an economical an option for a semi-auto handgun and a great option for self-defense.Hi-Point guns are proudly made in the USA, combining both affordability and dependability. This company test fires every firearms prior to shipping and also boasts one of the shortest return and also repair prices in the industry. They administer a lifetime warranty on every one of their products with expert-level repairs and also a fast turnaround time.Check out all of our .40 S&W ammunition at Cheaper than Dirt! and also find the lowest prices roughly in a range of bullet styles. Additionally be sure to examine out all of our holsters, lasers, and lights available for her Hi-Point JCP. Us can aid you accessorize your pistol yet you prefer.

Hi-Point JCP Handgun Features and Specifications:

.40 S&W +PCapacity: 10-Round MagazineAction: Double-Action, Semi-AutomaticFrame: High affect Polymer with Easy-Grip FinishBarrel: 4.5"Slide: black color Powder CoatedSlide Holds open After last Round FiredSights: 3-Dot, AdjustableGrip: High influence Polymer through Easy-Grip FinishSafety: On-Off ignorance Safety; magazine Disconnect SafetyOverall Length: 7.75"Weight: 35 ozFinish: BlackFree trigger Lock IncludedFree Extra rear Peep sight IncludedLifetime WarrantyMade in the USA
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There are thousands the FFL dealers in the joined States. Friend may pick an FFL Dealer indigenous our desired listing or you may discover a dealer in her area. To uncover a perform of FFL dealers in your area area CLICK HERE. If you select a dealer that is no on our wanted list, one of two people you or the FFL Dealer will be required to send a copy of the Federal guns License referencing your Cheaper 보다 Dirt! bespeak number. The FFL Dealer will typically charge a dues to command the transfer. There are duties that the FFL Dealer is compelled to do during the process which incorporate a criminal and also mental wellness background inspect through NICS. Remember, the FFL Dealer is doing friend a favor and the process takes time to complete. Fees deserve to vary so check with the FFL Dealer ahead of time to inquiry a quote on the fees linked with her firearm transfer. The FFL Dealer is in service to do a profit and also your internet purchase may be viewed as competition to their retail business. If you feel the fees space too high, you deserve to search for one more FFL Dealer.

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