Fallout 76 switches up the way players assign perks to their character, here’s everything you need to know.

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Being the first online-only Fallout game in the series, Fallout 76 tweaks some of the long-running systems to accomidate multiplayer. Everything from VATS to Power Armor has been overhauled, operating in completely different ways to the way they did before. Perks have also been changed to suit an online experience, and are now equipped as Perk Cards. There are a ton of Fallout 76 Perk Cards, each applying its own stat buffs. To help you build out your character, we"ve put together this Fallout 76 Perk Cards Guide. It contains a list of all of the Perk Cards you can get in Fallout 76, alongside descriptions for each. We"ll also give some advice on the best Perk Cards to use in Fallout 76, and how to get the Home Defense Perk Card.

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Fallout 76 Perks

In Fallout 76, perks work a little differently than other games in the series. They still follow the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system used in Fallout 4, but are assigned to cards. Each Perk Card has multiple ranks to it, with each subsequent rank offering a boost to the associated effect. Let"s take a look at what perks you"ll be able to use in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Best Perks

With so many Perks to choose from, many with multiple levels, it can be tricky to land on a solid build. To help you out, we"ve listed what we feel are the standout Perks in Fallout 76, ones to keep an eye out for when you"re out exploring.

First Aid - Being able to get more out of Stimpaks is essential.Gunsmith - If you"re looking to craft better weapons, you"ll need the Gunsmith Perk.Born Survivor - This Perk will automatically use a Stimpak when dropping below a certain health value. It can really help you out in a pinch.Mysterious Stranger - the classicScrounger - you"ll have a chance to find more ammo when searching ammo containers.Pharmacist - Rads can be a real issue in Fallout 76. This Perk allows you to remove more with each RadAway.

Fallout 76 All Perk Cards - Every Fallout 76 Perk

Thanks to a recent gameplay breakdown for Fallout 76, we know what perks will be in the game. The beta is now running too, so we"ve been busy pulling all of the Fallout 76 Perks we"ve found so far into a handy list. In the following list though, we"ve outlined. Here are the Fallout 76 Perks, broken into S.P.E.C.I.A.L categories.

Fallout 76 Strength Perk Cards

Strength Perks are associated with carry strength and melee damage. They also tend to increase the effectiveness of heavy weapons as well. Here"s all of the Fallout 76 Strength Perk Cards we know about so far:

Bandolier - ballistic weapon ammo weighs lessBarbarian - Every point of Strength adds +2 Damage Resist (Max 40).Basher - Gun bashing does more damage with a chance to cripple your opponent.Batteries Included - energy weapon ammo weighs lessBear Arms - heavy guns weigh lessBlocker - Take less damage from your opponents’ melee attacksBullet Shield - Gain damage resistance while firing a heavy gunExpert Heavy Gunner - non-explosive heavy guns now do more damageExpert Slugger - two-handed melee weapons now do more damageFull Charge - Full charge sprinting in Power Armor consumes less Fusion Core energy.Gladiator - one-handed melee weapons now do more damageIron Fist - Punching attacks do more damage with a chance to stagger your opponent.Incisor - Your melee weapons ignore 25% of your target’s armorLock and Load - Heavy guns reload fasterMartial Artist - Your melee weapons weigh 20% less, and you can swing them 10% fasterOrdnance Express - Explosives weigh lessPack Rat - The weight of all junk items is reduced.Pain Train - Damage and stagger enemies by sprinting into them with Power ArmorScattershot - Shotguns now weigh 30% less and reload 10% fasterShotgunner - Your shotguns now do more damage.Slugger - Your two-handed melee weapons now do more damage.Sturdy Frame - Armor weighs lessThru-Hiker - food and drink weigh lessTravelling Pharmacy - chems now weigh less

Fallout 76 Perception Perk Cards

Perception Perks are to do with how your character reacts to the environment. They make you see things better, or highlight useful items in the area. They also involve buffs to the V.A.T.S system.

Awareness - You can view a target’s specific damage resistances in V.A.T.SButcher"s Bounty - Chance to find an extra meat when you Search an animal corpseCommando - Basic combat training means automatic rifles do +10% damage.Concentrated Fire - V.A.T.S attacks on the same body part gain accuracy and damageCrack Shot - All pistols now have more range and accuracy when sighted.Expert Picklock - Gain +1 Lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking "sweet spot" is X% largerGreen Thumb - Chance to reap twice as much when harvesting floraMaster Picklock - Gain +1 lockpicking skill, and the lockpicking "sweet spot" is X% largerNight Person - Gain +1 INT and +1 PER between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.Pannapictagraphist - You hear directional audio when in range of a MagazinePercepti-bobble - You hear directional audio when in range of a BobbleheadPicklock - Gain +1 lockpicking skill and the lockpicking "sweet spot" is 10 % largerRefractor - Gain +5 energy resistanceSkeet Shooter - Shotguns have improved accuracy and spreadSniper - Improved control and can hold your breath longet when aiming with scopes.

Fallout 76 Endurance Perk Cards

Endurance Perks are related to survival. Often, they involve how your character reacts to certain items, like food, drink and chems. They also help to reduce the effects of radiation.

Aquagirl - No longer take Rad damage from swimming and can breathe underwaterDromedary - All drinks quench thirst by an additional 15%Good Doggy - Eating dog food is now three times as beneficial.Hydro Fix - Chems generate less thirstIron Stomach - Your chance to catch a disease from food is reducedLead Belly - Take less radiation from eating or drinking.Natural Resistance - You are less likely to catch a disease from the environmentProfessional Drinker - No Chance of getting addicted to alcoholRevenant - Gain +25% damage bonus for 2 minutes when a player revives youSlow Metabolizer - All food satisfies hunger by an additional 15%Thirst Quencher - Drinking any liquid has a reduced chance to cause disease.Vaccinated - Chance of catching a disease from creatures is reduced.

Fallout 76 Charisma Perks

Charisma works differently to how it does in previous games, given that there are no NPCs to charm. Instead, charisma perks involve team buffs, helping teammates and strengthening the unit as a whole.

Animal Friend - ???Bloodsucker - Stimpaks now satisfy thirst, no longer irraditate, and heal 50% more.Bodyguards - Gain Damage and Energy Resist (max 18) for each teammate excluding you.E.M.T - Players you revive come back with health regen for a short time.Happy Camper - Hunger and thirst grow 40% more slowly when in camp or in a team workshop.Happy-Go-Lucky - Your luck is increased by 2 while under the influence of alcohol.Hard Bargain - Buying and selling prices at vendors are better.Inspirational - When you are on a team, gain 5% more XP.Lone Wanderer - When adventuring alone, take 10% less damage and gain 10% AP regen.Party Boy/Party Girl - The effects of alcohol are doubled.Philanthropist - Restore some of your teammates hunger and thirst when you eat or drink.Quack Surgeon - Revive other players with liquor!Spiritual Healer - You regenerate health after reviving another player.Squad Maneuvers - Run 10% faster when part of a teamStrange in Numbers - Positive mutation effects are +25% stronger if teammates are mutated too.Team Medic - Your Stimpaks now also heal nearby teammates for half the normal strength.Vampire - bloodpacks now satisfy thirst, no longer irradiate, and heal more

Fallout 76 Intelligence Perks

Intelligence usually relates to repair jobs and hacking. Intelligence Perks make you more efficient, requiring fewer materials to craft things and increasing the effectiveness of the things that you do craft.

Contractor - Crafting workshop items now costs 25% fewer materials.Exotic Weapons Master - Unknown.Expert Hacker - Gain +1 hacking skill, and terminal lock-out time is reduced.First Aid - Stimpaks restore 10% more lost Health.Grease Monkey - Workshop items are 30% cheaper to repair.Hacker - Gain +1 hacking skill.Licensed Plumber - Your Pipe weapons break more slowly and are cheaper to repir.Makeshift Warrior - Your melee weapons are 30% less likely to break and cheaper to repairMaster Hacker - Gain +1 hacking skill and terminal lock-out time is reduced.Pharmacist - RadAway removes more radiation.Science - You can now craft energy guns (plans required)

Fallout 76 Agility Perk Cards

Agility Perks are related to movement. Consumption of Action Points is often reduced, and action such as sprinting, jumping, and stealth, can also receive increases.

Action Boy/Action Girl - Action Points generate faster.Adrenaline - Unknown.Born Survivor - Falling below a certain level of health will automatically use a Stimpak.Dead Man Sprinting - Sprint faster at increased AP cost when your heath dips below a certain point.Dodgy - Spend 30 Action Points to avoid 10% of each enemy attack.Guerilla - Your automatic pistols now do more damageGoat Legs - Take less damage from falling.Gun Fu - ???Gun Runner - Running Speed IncreasedHome Defense - Allows you to craft better traps and craft better turrets.Marathoner - Sprinting consumes fewer Action PointsMoving Target - Gain increased damage and Energy Resistance while sprinting.

Fallout 76 Home Defense Perk

If you"re looking to sure-up the defenses around your Camp, you"ve probably thought about installing some traps and turrets. Problem is, you"ll need the Home Defense Perk to make the most of them. It"s a level 22 Agility Perk, so just keep plugging points in and you"ll get it eventually.

Fallout 76 Luck Perk Cards

Luck Perks do exactly what you"d expect, increasing the odds of certain events happening in-game. The most famous Luck Perk is easily the Mysterious Stranger, who has helped many vault-dweller out of a sticky situation.

Can Do! - Chance to find an extra canned food when you search a food container.Good With Salt - Food in your inventory will spoil more slowly.Junk Shield - Carry junk to gain damage resistance. (no power armor)Luck of the Draw – Your weapon has 10% chance to regain condition when hitting an enemyMystery Meat – Stimpacks may generate edible meat tissue. Higher rads improve the chanceMysterious Stranger – The Mysterious Stranger appears more often when using V.A.T.S.Packing Light - Your pistols weigh less.Pharma Farma - Chance to find extra first aid Chems when you search a Chem Container.Scrounger - Chance to find extra first aid Chems when you search an ammo Container.Starched Genes – You will never mutate from rads and radaway will never cure mutationsSerendipity - While below a certain level of health, gain a small chance to avoid damage.

Fallout 76 Perk Card Packs

As well as getting a Perk Card every time you level up in Fallout 76, you"ll also get Perk Card Packs with some levels. For every other level up from level four to ten, you"ll get a pack. From level ten you"ll get a Perk Card Pack for every five levels. There"s also a stick of gum and joke, with the former reducing your hunger for a bit. The Perk Card Packs are given out every few levels, and contain cards which are above and below your current level.


Fallout 76 Perk Cards Details

There was a lot of info given during the most recent Fallout 76 panel. We figured it"d be helpful to collect all of the key info below.

When levelling up, you can pick a S.P.E.C.I.A.L to level up and pick a card inAfter level 50, you will just receive cards, and no skill pointsYou can combine Perk Cards to level them up, making them more powerfulYou can swap out your deck at any timeCharisma cards are focused on buffing your teammates when buddied upYou will only be able to equip a certain amount of cards, but they do stackEach card has a point value, indicating how much space it"ll take upYou can share certain cards with teammates

Combining and Ranking Up Perk Cards in Fallout 76

You may have found yourself picking up duplicate Perk cards in Fallout 76, no doubt bringing back painful memories of pocket money wasted on Pokemon cards. Don"t worry though, because if you have multiple copies of a Perk card, you can combine them to level them up. Just head into the Perks menu and select rank up when picking Perks.

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You Can Change Your Perk Cards Whenever You Want

Unlike previous Fallout games, you can respec your character whenever you want in Fallout 76. You essentially have a constant deck of cards you can use to build out your chracter, and can switch them up when you want. This means that if you find yourself in a situation where you need to focus on a particular skill, like sneaking, you can put in cards that increase your Perception and Agility. Make sure you experiment with plenty of different combinations, and swap them out for different situations.