A modular monitoring solution the combines stylish profiles and also elegant accents with top-grade fit and finish. Durable, scratch-resistant laminate surfaces. Mechanically interlock allows only one drawer to open at a time come inhibit tipping. Cave rails for legal/letter filing. Rounded corners and also waterfall edge provide a contemporary look. Stole ball-bearing suspension for letter/legal size filing. Locks on warehouse cabinet doors and also lateral file drawers are keyed alike.

File size Accommodated: Legal; LetterPrimary Material: solid + produced Wood

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Well-engineered and also incredibly strong, Brigade 700 collection 2-Drawer Lateral filing Cabinet native HON is developed for the requirements of high-activity filing. This 2 drawer model features a totally enclosed base to resist tampering. It accepts letter or legit hanging document folders and has full-face integral handles.

File size Accommodated: Legal; LetterPrimary Material: Steel

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HON Brigade 600 series lateral documents are engineered because that high-activity filing and also retrieval in corporations, education institutions, hospitals, and also government offices. The rough inner steel grid stands up to years the rigorous use. Most models function standard drawers, and also select models have actually receding doors with roll-out shelves. Heavy-duty ball-bearing suspensions room tested come simulate years of use and also still execute flawlessly. The mechanical interlock inhibits more than one drawer from opened at a time. Counterweights space factory-installed where compelled to maintain stability when a drawer is opened, and also made from recycle material. Side-to-side hang rails for letter or legit filing room standard, and also optional front-to-back cave rails deserve to be ordered for high-density letter submit on some cabinets. All four leveling glides deserve to be changed even when drawers space full. Removable lock cores deserve to be readjusted on location. This model attributes a sturdy double-walled base to withstand tampering and strengthen the case. It accepts letters or legit hanging document folders. Bright Aluminum handle collaborates with Brigade pedestals.

Primary Material: Steel