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"Shining Star" is a famous song written by the American songwriters and also music producer Leo Graham and also Paul Richmond. The song was videotaped in 1980 by well-known American R&B vocal team The Manhattans and released the very same year on the album after Midnight. "Shining Star" was released as a single in 1980 and also peaked in ~ number 4 ~ above the us Billboard R&B chart, and also number 5 top top the U. S. Billboard hot 100. The song was many successful in new Zealand, whereby it got to the position number 2, that additionally reached in the black color Oriented Singles that the Record human being magazine in the USA. Although the did not reach the number-one on any type of chart, "Shining Star" to be The Manhattans"s highest possible charting hit due to the fact that the global hit "Kiss and Say Goodbye" exit in 1976. It need to not be perplexed with the tune "Shining Star" by American tape Earth, Wind & Fire, which is a different song from 1975.more »

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Ooo oo oooo, yeah honey you are my shining star Don"t you go away, ooh baby Wanna be right below were you room until my dying day, yeah baby So plenty of have tried, tried to discover a love choose yours and mineMmm mmm mmm Girl don"t girlfriend realize how you hypnotize make me love you more each time yeah baby Honey I"ll never ever leave friend lonely offer my love to you just To you just To you just Honey you are my shining star don"t you walk away, no baby Wanna it is in right right here were you room until my dying day yeah baby Feels so great when we"re lying right here next to every other lost in love, yeah infant Baby once we touch love friend so lot your all I ever dream of, yeah baby Honey I"ll never leave you lonely offer my love come you just To you only to girlfriend Don"t you walk away girl, nooo baby Wanna be right below were you are Until my dice day, hmmmm honey you, you room my glowing star don"t you go away, woah five baby honey you are my shing star Don"t you go away, noo baby Honey you room my bright star

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The manhattan The Manhattans are an American well-known R&B vocal group, with a wire of hit documents spanning four decades.

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Their best known million-selling songs being "Kiss and also Say Goodbye" and "Shining Star" in 1980 (not come be puzzled with "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire, which to be a completely different song of 1976). An ext »