Temperature 16°C 61°F High Temperature
18°C 64°F short Temperature
13°C 55°F job Temperature 17.9°C 64°F Night Temperature 17.2°C 63°F Sunshine hrs
5 hours Rainfall 21 mm Rainfall work 6 work Sea Temperature
19.1°C 66°F
Tenerife 99288
Bali 93223
Cancun 90626
Lanzarote 81691
Gran Canaria 76710
Malta 71705
Marrakesh 69442
Rome 65623
London 62786
brand-new York 59073
Dubai 57142
Phuket 54971
Barcelona 54359
Los Angeles 54014
Maldives 49984
Fuerteventura 49556
Punta cana 48838
Paris 48306
Sydney 46424
Paphos 42031

What"s the Weather like in Hong Kong in January


January is just one of the mildest months in Hong Kong. It"s likewise the coldest, however it"s not also that cold. Median temperatures don"t fluctuate an extremely much, and also that will certainly make pack for your stay lot easier. The typical temperature is 16°C, with daytime highs averaging 18°C and nighttime short averaging 13°C. The coldest days will certainly be towards the center of the month.

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Hong Kong has actually been experiencing some excessive temperature ferris wheel though. The observatory in Hong Kong videotaped -1°C at the finish of January 2018. One year prior, in 2017, Hong Kong taped a document high temperature the a warm 25°C.


In enhancement to being the coldest month, January is also the driest month. This provides January perfect because that exploring every one of Hong Kong"s the end attractions. You"ll have the ability to leave all of your heavy raingear at home. There room on average six work of precipitation in January, through rainfall totals averaging just 21mm. The rain are rarely heavy. Precipitation does start to choose up in the direction of the end of the month and also going into February. 

The last time the snowed in Hong Kong to be 1975.

Sunshine Hours

Hong Kong watch an typical of 5 hours of sunshine per day in January. Frontal systems start to come in throughout this time that year, therefore the possibilities of cloud cover increase as the month goes on. The beginning of the month is frequently the clearest, v clear to partly cloudy skies 72% of the time. That number decreases come 66% by the finish of the month. Daylight lasts for, ~ above average, 11 hours during January.


January is the finish of the "dry season" in Hong Kong. Loved one humidity averages 73% because that the month the January. The is generally drier in the beginning of the month, about 69%, and much more humid towards the end of the month, as much as 80%. If girlfriend don"t choose sticky skin, January is the best time to visit Hong Kong. Stay away indigenous August.


The wind stays a fairly constant 5.5m/s transparent the month that January, coming from the east-northeast. Gusts room rare. Mean winds are stronger in the start of the month and drop off in the direction of the end of the month, but the differences are therefore insignificant the they"re not worth noting.

Dress Code

January is a an excellent time come visit Hong Kong. You"ll desire to carry long pants and long-sleeve shirts because that the day, and also a coat for night. Check the weather prior to you go, as Hong Kong has actually recently had some drastic temperature swings during the month of January. It"s always a an excellent idea to have raingear v you, yet you won"t require anything hefty with the usually dry days watched in January.

Hong Kong many hotels in January

The Disney Hollywood Hotel

The Disney Hollywood Hotel is a four-star hotel that will certainly take you straight to the golden days that Hollywood. You"ll be surrounded by Art-Deco buildings, standard cars, and also the landmarks that make Hollywood famous, but on Lantau Island. Plenty of different types of rooms room available, consisting of themed rooms the the youngsters will love. This hotel has a swim pool, worldwide buffet, free Wi-Fi, and also business center if you have to take care of some job-related while you"re there. Few of the ideal rooms room those looking over the ocean and the lush gardens surrounding the hotel. Hotel guests will obtain priority join to the theme park.

JW Marriott Hotel

It"s all about views and location in ~ the elegant JW Marriott Hotel. Situated in the Admiralty district, this hotel is right in the center of what"s going on in Hong Kong. There space 602 rooms and suites in this hotel, and those on higher floors will certainly treat you to beautiful see of the Hong Kong skyline, the harbor, and also mountains beyond. All rooms function marble bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and totally free Wi-Fi. You won"t operation out that dining alternatives with the eight different restaurants, which encompass Chinese and also classic dining options. The Marriott is collocated through the expansive Pacific place Mall and also within walking street of the Hong Kong Convention and also Exhibition Center. You deserve to unwind in their indoor pool or impressive gym facility.

The 4 Seasons

One of the highest-rated many hotels in Hong Kong is the 4 Seasons five-star hotel. You absolutely get what friend pay because that here. The towering high-end accommodation, comprised of 399 guest rooms, is located right ~ above the waterfront. 2 world-renowned restaurants, Caprice and Lung King Heen, do their residence at the four Seasons. Friend can uncover everything from typical rooms to spacious suites, a spa, and fitness center. The four Seasons is right in the center of the global Financial Centre and also steps far from the infamous Star Ferry.

Mira Hong Kong

The stylish Mira Hong Kong close to Kowloon Park has that edgy feel that regularly appeals to younger crowds, yet travelers that all eras will feel at house here. The 492-room hotel attributes some that the finest award-winning restaurants in all of Hong Kong. In fact, there are six complete restaurants and bars, consisting of the cook Center and WHISK. If you"re wondering which rooms will give you the ideal views, we"ve got negative news for you they every do. Take it your choose of impressive views of one of two people the park or the city. The Mira is recognized for its impressive customer service. 

Bars and Restaurants

One Dim sum

One Dim amount is a renowned Chinese restaurant in the Mong Kok area, providing some that the best dim sum in Hong Kong. Girlfriend may end up wait for a table though, as popular as it is. It"s fine worth the wait, and also an extremely affordable if you"re tired of safety a many money dining out. Friend do have all work to gain this restaurant; castle close at 12:30AM every night and open in ~ 10AM ~ above the weekends and also 10:30AM on weekdays. They"re vegetarian friendly and offer range of timeless Chinese dishes, yet their specialty is dim sum dumplings, as the name implies.

Charlie Brown café

No, the surname of the Charlie Brown café isn"t a coincidence. This eclectic restaurant is all things Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Woodstock. The fun atmosphere makes the food that much an ext enjoyable. Avoid in for simply a cup that coffee, or continue to be for a breakfast of pancakes, macaroons, or croissant sandwiches. Breakfast is offered all day; girlfriend can likewise choose from a number of sandwiches and also burgers. Prices are sensibly moderate, and also the youngsters will love it this is among the most family-friendly restaurants in all of Hong Kong. They open at 9AM top top the weekends and 9:30AM top top weekdays, and also close in ~ 10:00PM, other than Friday and also Saturday night as soon as they close in ~ 10:30PM.

Braza Churrascaria

Hong Kong is an ext well-known because that their global cuisine rather than their regional food, and also the Braza Churrascaria is one example. This classic Brazilian steakhouse in main Hong Kong will definitely leave girlfriend satisfied, and also full. They"re known for their all-you-can eat food selection at really reasonable prices until you start including alcohol, climate the tab can really start to add up. Once the coaster on your table is green, wait staff will come by v swords full of meat prepared to on slide on to her plate. Flip the coaster come red to let them recognize you"re getting full. Don"t forget to try the picanha. They"re most renowned for dinner starting at 6:00PM, but they are open up for having lunch hours too from 12:00-3:00PM

The Kowloon Taproom

The Kowloon Taproom is a fun pub featuring an enormous number of both local and international breeze beer, and a large selection that bottled beer as well. Food is traditional pub fare prefer wings and sandwiches, and a favorite dish amongst visitors is your fish and also chips. The Taproom is ideally located in the colorful Kowloon ar with superior people-watching avenues outside ~ above the liven streets. Hours are from 1:00PM come 2:00AM daily.

Things to perform in Hong Kong in January

Kowloon Park

January is a an excellent time come stroll through huge 33-acre Kowloon Park, thanks to the moderate temperatures, short humidity, and dry skies. Meander v manicured gardens, watch the flamingos, discover the aviaries, or simply watch the koi in the many ponds throughout the park. Background buffs will gain the historical military barracks preserved on-site. This is a peaceful way to invest an afternoon, centrally situated in Hong Kong.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park theme park is in the height ten the all design template parks in the world, and it"s easy to think once you view it. Favor the name says, you"ll check out a variety of marine creatures choose penguins, sharks, and also dolphins. But there are likewise exhibits with other rare animals such as red pandas, large pandas, eastern otters, and koalas. As soon as you want to take it a rest from pet watching, examine out several of the rides at Thrill Mountain and the other amusement parks located within s Park. Lock open daily at 10:00AM and also close in ~ 7:00PM weekdays, and 9:00PM weekends.

Po Lin Monastery

The biggest bronze Buddha in the civilization is seated at Po Lin Monastery in ~ the top of Lantau. Don"t worry, you won"t have to walk increase the hill to acquire to it. One of Hong Kong"s other big attractions, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, will certainly take you come the top and also drop you turn off close come the statue. Take it a stroll amongst the beautiful grounds and admire the shrines. Once you"re hungry there room a number of great food options, as well as tiny shops for souvenirs. The monastery, founded in 1906, features three huge Buddha statues representing past, present, and also future.

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Victoria optimal Tower

Trams room Hong Kong"s oldest an approach of public transport, and you deserve to take one of these historical rides to Victoria peak Tower. Right here you"ll gain the many amazing views feasible of Hong Kong. This is a must-do task in January as soon as the skies room usually clear and also the waiting is crisp. The present to use the tram can be long, however it"s worth it. Only 600 people took the tram on opened day in 1888; now that number is closer come 17,000. Try going prior to sunset so you can watch it go down. The tram hours are native 7:00AM come 12:00AM daily.