HOUSE the CARDS season 5 watch Frank Underwood flourish close to Eric Rawlings, a mysterious personality who first appeared back in season two.

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House the Cards: Frank bring away a shine to Eric after ~ inviting him come the White House


House the Cards: Eric play Augustus Underwood throughout a civil battle reenactment

Far from being disappointed, the president bursts right into laughter and invites Eric to go back to the White House.

The two men soon bethedesigningfairy.comme girlfriend – a rare event for Frank, that is plainly enamoured through Eric’s blind belief in his abilities.

Eric is also invited come the Underwoods’ inauguration, during which the two guys sneak off to the White house basement and also kiss.

The source of Frank’s attraction to Eric appears to lie in his unwavering id in the President.

When nobody else believes that he can cling on come power, Eric speak him: “No matter just how dire things look, you’re going to thedesigningfairy.comme out of this alive. You’re an Underwood after ~ all.”



House that Cards: candid Underwood and Eric Rawlings kiss in the White residence basement

Frank’s fluid sexuality has produced several memorable scene in residence of Cards.

In season three, he enjoyed a tryst with his wife Claire and their bodyguard Ed Meechum, and also grew close come biographer cutting board Yates, that later became Claire’s live-in lover.

In season one,Frank delighted in a drunken night through his old armed forces schoolmate Tim thedesigningfairy.comrbet.

The 2 reminisced about “messing around a thedesigningfairy.comuple that times” in your youth, v Frank admitting: “We were so close. Ns was so attracted to you.”

In season five, the chairman is devastated to discover that Tim has passed away in a water rafting accident.

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