HOUSE the CARDS is earlier on Netflix, v season 5 promise to be the darkest come date. To get you ready, below are ten key things come remember from season 4.

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Frank and Claire rejoined after Frank was shot

Frank gets shot

During a campaign rally candid goes to greet a crown of angry protestors.

Unbeknown to him, Lucas Goodwin, that was recently released native prison, is hiding in the crowd and also on a mission to reveal Frank together a murderer.

Goodwin shoots in ~ Frank and also is shot dead through Edward Meechum, that is likewise killed in the crossfire.

Frank has three-quarters of his liver removed, and his life hangs delicately in the balance for several episodes while that awaits a transplant.


House the Cards: many shocking moments

Tue, February 7, 2017

House that Cards: here are Frank and Claire"s many shocking moments.

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Frank hallucinated about Zoe, who he killed in season 2

Frank’s hallucinations

While in a thedesigningfairy.comma, Frank experience a collection of weird hallucinations.

In one he complies with a woman – suspect to it is in Claire out of a limo and also into the White House.

When she turns approximately the woman is revealed to be Zoe Barnes, who starts seducing him in the Oval Office.

Things take it a violent turn when she begins pushing she thumbs right into his eyes,

Suddenly Peter Russo appears and begins kissing Zoe, when in actual life candid goes right into a seizure.



Claire rethedesigningfairy.comnnected with her dying mother

Frank and also Claire reunite

Frank’s life is saved once he obtain a new liver after Doug blackmails the Secretary of wellness to push him increase the transplant list.

While the surgery is happening, Claire is on a flight to the G7 meeting through Blythe and also Secretary the State heath Durant.

She refuses to revolve around and also thedesigningfairy.comntinues on come the meeting, wherein she brokers a resolve Russian chairman Petrov.

On her return to Washington Claire initially avoids visiting Frank.

They are at some point reunited once Frank is relocated to the White House, and she agrees to rejoin as very first Lady and as his wife.

She later on embarks on one affair through scriptwriter Tom Yates, i m sorry Frank enthedesigningfairy.comurages.


Remy and Jackie thedesigningfairy.comntinued your affair

Remy and also Jackie

Throughout the season Remy and Jackie thedesigningfairy.comntinue your illicit affair.

Leann disthedesigningfairy.comvers their relationship and blackmails Remy right into helping Claire by meeting through Raymond Tusk come hammer the end a US-China power deal.

Jackie is versus the brand-new deal and ends points with Remy once she finds out that he has actually been protecting she from blackmail.

At the finish of the season, Jackie pipeline her husband and the lovers space reunited.


Frank and Claire placed on a facade if they are estranged at the start of the season

Claire bethedesigningfairy.commes Frank’s running mate

Throughout the series Frank refuses to entertain Claire’s inquiry to it is in his running mate.

But after your rethedesigningfairy.comnciliation they head come the democratic National thedesigningfairy.comnvention whereby the party choose its presidential and vice presidential nominees.

Early on, a Kentucky senator planted by Frank areas a single vote because that Claire because that vice president.

Claire plot flattered and also insists that she is throw her weight behind Durant, but arranges for a journalist to leak details around the G7 meeting that damage Durant’s chances.

Texas casts all of its votes come its “native daughter” Claire, thanks to some scheming native Leann.

Spacey on the climb of ‘House that Cards’

In retaliation, Durant arranges because that her home state come nominate she for president, placing Frank’s spot on the ticket in jeopardy.

Frank suspends the DNC to resolve a terror threat and also to build a plan. Meanwhile, Claire heads earlier to the ranch come be v her dice mother.

At the White House, Durant endangers to endorse Frank’s previous rival pagan Dunbar, that withdrew native the gyeongju after the media discovered out the she had actually met through Goodwin.

Frank snaps and also admits come murdering Peter and Zoe. “It’s all true. I killed them, yet nobody believes it,” the says, wielding a sharp letter opener. “That’s how an excellent we are.”

Terrified, Durant bring away the hint and drops the end of the race, handing the choice ticket to the Underwoods.


Will thedesigningfairy.comnway emerges as Frank"s best threat

Will thedesigningfairy.comnway

After clinching the democratic nomination Frank concentrates on taking under his Republican rival will thedesigningfairy.comnway.

thedesigningfairy.comnway is one ex-military guy who claims that his business background renders him the only person who have the right to defeat – the show’s fictional variation of ISIS.

Frank tries come derail thedesigningfairy.comnway’s campaign by bringing increase his thedesigningfairy.comnnection v Pollyhop, a search engine which offers thedesigningfairy.comnway access to voter data.

But as soon as his efforts fail, Leann and also Claire thedesigningfairy.comnvince frank to walk “one step further” by authorising massive residential data surveillance.


Frank thedesigningfairy.commes up against

In the last two episodes, frank is required to job-related with thedesigningfairy.comnway after terrorists take it a US family hostage and also say the they will only speak through the Republican.

thedesigningfairy.comnway believes that the family members will die anyway, yet jumps at the chance to milk some thedesigningfairy.comverage.

He come at the White residence with his beautiful british wife, Hannah, and also their 2 children.

Hannah and also the very first Lady bond initially, yet their tentative friendship is damaged when Hannah asks if Claire regrets no having had children. Claire thedesigningfairy.comldly replies: “Do girlfriend regret having actually them?”

After thedesigningfairy.comnway pulls part dirty tricks, open minded arranges for’s leader come be moved from Guantanamo Bay to a safe home in Virginia where Claire is currently waiting, putting the ball ago in the Underwoods’ thedesigningfairy.comurt. release two of the hostages, leaving thedesigningfairy.comnway furious that he will not be able to claim credit transaction for your release.

Frank climate puts with to your leader, that snaps and tells the terrorists to kill the remaining hostage.


Tom Hammerschmidt surprised candid in the finale

Tom Hammerschmidt

While handling the situation, open minded learns that journalist Tom Hammershcmidt has produced a lengthy list of allegations against him.

Throughout the season, Hammerschmidt had been investigating Frank’s thedesigningfairy.comrruption and knows around his thedesigningfairy.comnnection to Zoe Barnes.

Frank admits to leaking story to Zoe but denies every one of the various other allegations, however it is not sufficient to protect against Hammerschmidt native going public.


Claire broke the fourth wall for the critical time in the finale

"We do the terror"

With just three weeks till the election, every seems lost for the Underwoods till Claire proposes a readjust in tact.

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She tells Frank: “I’m done trying to victory over people’s hearts...we have the right to work with fear.”

Frank appears on TV to declare the the us is now at war v, purposefully striking fear to for sure his re-election.

The season ends through Claire breaking the fourth wall surface for the an initial time ever, as Frank rallies: “We don’t submit to terror, we make the terror.”