One of the biggest criticisms lobbed at Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just how much the film has going on. In one gigantic leap, the DC extended Universe launched from a Superman beginning story come a full-fledged superhero free-for-all.

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Wonder Woman and also the rest of the Justice organization joined the fray, as did Lex Luthor. And the story incorporates facets of number of beloved DC Comics story arcs, including The Dark article Returns and also The fatality of Superman.

That critical one yes, really comes right into play in the film’s last act, which look at Superman (Henry Cavill) sacrifice self to loss Doomsday. Snyder recently revealed just how Superman’s death was intended to tie into his Justice League plans. But now he says fans have actually been misinterpreting the ending.


Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, festival Gadot, and Ben Affleck | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ has inspired a cult following

Notably, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has controlled to endure even with a less-than-sterling reputation. Throughout its theatrical run, the movie earned $873 million worldwide. But despite its advertisement success, Batman v Superman obtained a critical beatdown the took the DCEU a few years to rebound from.

Yet, regardless of the film’s regarded flaws — most fans can’t was standing Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, for instance — Batman v Superman has acquired a dedicated following. These pan are greatly the ones who continue to stump for Warner Bros. To release Snyder’s reduced of Justice League. And also considering the director’s five-film arc because that DC’s iconic heroes got cut off midway through, it only stands to factor fans are anxious for much more of his take.

Since the theatrical version of Justice League underwhelmed numerous fans, Batman v Superman continues to be the purest part of Snyder’s vision available. To that end, the director’s expose that the finishing doesn’t typical what countless assumed the did is every the much more shocking.

Zack Snyder shares what the movie’s finishing really means

Snyder recently hosted a clock party that Batman v Superman top top Vero. And the director had actually a lot to say around the movie and his unrealistic plans because that the DCEU. One such revelation concerned the final shot that the film. After Superman’s funeral, the camera zooms in ~ above his coffin. And also after a few seconds, the specks of dirt dropped through Lois lane (Amy Adams) start to float.

Many fans have actually taken this to be a tease of Superman’s ultimate resurrection. And while the does return in Justice League, Snyder claimed those final moments that Batman v Superman were never meant to be taken literally. Rather, “it’s constantly been symbolic the hope and lessons learned,” the said.

So was the dust really climbing off that Superman’s coffin? Or to be this just an abstract flourish intended to keep fans’ curiosity flowing till Justice League? after ~ all, Superman’s death in Batman v Superman was pretty definitive. And also the team goes to extraordinary lengths come revive him. Climate again, fans have learned not to entirely trust the theatrical Justice League.

Will Warner Bros. Ever released the ‘Justice League’ Snyder cut?

After all, Snyder was never able to complete his vision for Justice League. Therefore there’s no telling precisely how Superman’s resurrection would have happened differently. However if specialized fans have actually anything come say about it, us still can see the Snyder cut of Justice League at part point.

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For now, all fans can do is attempt to item together exactly how Snyder’s five-film DC storyline would have actually played out. V Man of Steel and also Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we at least have actually two movies full the Easter eggs and teases to dig into.