How deep is an Olympic diving pool?

Because springboard and also platform diving take location in the very same pool, the diving well because that Olympic diving must be at least five meter (16 feet) deep. This permits it come be provided for the 10-meter (32 feet) communication diving competition and also the 3-meter (10 feet) springboard competition.

Shallow Water Diving

The shallower the water, the more in a peril of damage. Together per the “Survey that Spinal Cord Injury Statistics pertained to Diving and Diving plank Use” distributed by the American Institutes because that Research, in excess of 50 percent of all diving wounds happen in water 4 feet or shallower. Simply 4.8-percent of every jumping wounds happen when the profundity the the water is no less than 8-feet down. Remember this on the off opportunity that you usage jumping obstructs because that aggressive swim occasions. Many offices room presently moving these squares to the profound finish of the pool to assist prevent diving-related injuries and also wounds.You deserve to buy and introduce plunging sheets of assorted statures. As the stature the the board broadens the forced profundity the the pool increments also. As soon as you struggle the water with an ext prominent gravitational power, her body deserve to possibly endeavor out come a more noteworthy profundity after ~ entering the pool. FINA proposal the accompanying least pool profundities dependent on the stature of the diving board.1-meter plunging plank ought to have actually an 11.5-foot pool profundity. A 3-meter plunging plank ought to have actually a 12.5-foot swimming pool profundity. A 1-meter jumping stage ought to have an 11-foot swimming pool profundity. A 3-meter plunging phase ought to have actually a 12-foot pool profundity. A 5-meter jumping phase ought to have actually a 12.5-foot pool profundity.

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A 7.5-meter plunging stage ought to have actually a 15-foot pool profundity. A 10-meter jumping phase ought to have actually a 16.5-foot swimming pool depth.