It"s taken place several times: I"ll be femur away v a friend in, and also they"ll sneeze, and also without also thinking about it I"ll revert earlier to English to say "bless you." Is over there a set phrase in I deserve to use after who sneezes?


Here space the results from a tiny poll on Facebook. Six aboriginal replied. The results can be taken as:

Don"t say anything if girlfriend don"t recognize them (6 people)If you know them you can ask if they"re okay, if they"ve caught a cold or have actually allergies: "大丈夫?", "風邪引いたの?", "花粉症なの?", or other to that effect. (2 people)There"s no together phrase indistinguishable to "bless you" in (2 people)

And below are the actual results (I didn"t create any kind of of the options, it was a blank poll as soon as I inquiry the question):


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+1 for in reality making a poll... ;)
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Didn't you mix options 1 and also 3 up once translating? I would likewise say 誰にも何も言わない (note the に and also also shot to be regular with the neutral type you've been using anywhere else back for concerns I would use formal all the way)
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知らない人からも not 知らない人でもから
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In my understanding, generally does not interfere with other"s an individual stuff most of time. So, they don"t usage those after sneeze. Yet if influenza is hot during that time, they might ask "Are friend ok?".

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And some civilization think that silent and also unchanged facial expresssions room elegent on sneeze here, so there is some sneeze challenge 「くしゃみ対決」 by intentional placing some organization on your nose. And also they try to decide the very least silent and also without facial expressions change as winners and also some are referred to as 「イケメン」- a slang which way some type of quite boy.

But looks like in Okinawa, world use "クスケー" ~ sneeze, follow to this, 2, and origin.

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I"ve researched a bit and also it appears that together expression doesn"t really exist in There is a sort of explanation for this:

In the western societies, there provided to it is in a id that sneezes could release one"s soul, because of this putting it in danger since it might have to be "captured" by lurking angry spirits; or the was believed that the mouth opened up would allow those soul to go into the body.

This allude of view had strong religious features which, as we all already may know, weren"t this strong in asian countries or, better, they to be totally absent.This "caused" an expression such as "Bless you" to be missing. In fact, sneezing in Japan is taken into consideration in a different method than it was initially in the west countries:

"<...> in Japan, over there is a superstition the if talk behind someone"s earlier causes the person being talked about to sneeze; together such, the sneezer can tell if something good is being stated (one sneeze), something bad is being said (two sneezes in a row), even if someone is in love v them (three sneezes in a row) or if this is a authorize that lock are around to record a cold (multiple sneezes).

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We might say the the many similar/close expression, i beg your pardon someone already mentioned in the comments, is お大事に <おだいじに>; but it is not the precise "corresponding" expression (the an interpretation is "Take care of yourself") and also it"s not really supplied that much.

Finally, since in Japan the normal is the you don"t to speak anything, and also that it"s not typical if friend do, it might be better to monitor the regional custom.