I started discovering Spanish around a year ago, but it still confuse me when write "Nueva York" instead of "New York".Seriously why? In my nation there are many place called Shin-○○(Shin way New/Nueva in Japanese), are they become Nueva-○○ in Spanish?


There is no specific rule around which surname gets created in each language. Some ar names are created by the world who live there. Other ar names are produced by human being who don't live there. Some location names space translated, and also some room transliterated. There is no continuous rule for every place. Whichever is most typically used is what tends to come to be the established method of naming a location in the language.

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My question would be, who (or what) determined that "York" is feminine so the city surname is Nueva York rather of Nuevo York?

It counts on the language too. English native are regularly translated come Spanish, however French words room not, neither room Japanese words.

So areas in Japan with "shin" as a prefix are more than likely going to remain as they are, however places like brand-new York space going to obtain translated.

It also has something to execute with the nationality, in my country we have actually "buen provecho" which is "Bon apetit" in Spanish, but in English there is no such thing as "buen povecho" they usage "Bon apetit" instead which plainly is no English.

My referral would be: contact places together you would contact them in your mom language. Either translate them, or call it as the locals do.

When translating a foreign name come a brand-new language, over there is a trade between preserve an interpretation and preserving sound, and difference options are made in distinction cases.

For brand-new York, Nueva is tho pretty close come New, so it is i can not qualify to it is in confusing. In addition, 'w' is no a indigenous Spanish letter, and "ew" is very strange looking combination to a Spanish speaker.

Does this occur for all geographic names include "new" in Spanish? and also does it occur with any kind of other words? as soon as referring to brand-new Mexico in Spain, is the Nueva Mexico? Does phibìc Carolina come to be Norte Carolina?

Well loom at Wales. In French it's pays de Gal an interpretation country of Gaels, and in Welsh it's Cymru. The factor for Wales is thought the angles referred to as them wilas definition foreigner. Cymru sounds comparable to Cumbria and cym is probably from brit kombroges an interpretation compatriots.

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This is the factor why the contemporary policy for maps is now to always use the neighborhood name and also spelling. Instances of the craziness that can result otherwise are the English use of Cologne because that Köln, Munich because that München, neapolitan for Napoli, etc.


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